Thursday, 16 August 2007

Radio your ga ga and random quickies

I've finally found a radio station to listen to in the mornings. As u guys know, I hate listening to the radio. For some time now i've never been able to get into the groove of current music. Though admittedly, a song or 2 does grow onto me (eventually).

However, since the Volvo is still in the workshop, i've been driving my dad's wira. His CD player is out, so I had to rely on the radio. There were only 2 stations locked in, i.e. Lite fm and traxx. As much as I like Lite fm, 'memories' (barbara streissand) was playing whilst i was stuck in a jam just after the connaught toll. So i changed to traxx fm.

I was surprised that my dad had some funky new radio station registered to his player. Then i realised, it used to be Radio 4. Gosh how i hated radio 4 so much. When i was growing up, it was probably the only English radio station around. and the likes came about when i was 17 or 18.. (i remember the backtoback 7 hits marathons).... I actually used to like then coz i actually like current music i.e. i dig the bands during the 90s such as Pearl Jam, blind melon, crash test dummies, soul asylum, alice in chains, etc, etc,.... today, play crap music from crap musicians (mind my lack of taste). i hated Radio 4 coz the predictable deejays... i.e. Yasmin with her 'good morningmorningmorningmorninig' and Patrick Teoh's sarcasm.

anyhow, traxx plays awesome music in the mornings. I've alwiz been a big fan of oldschool rock, i.e. 70s and 80s. After all i grew up listening to the likes of bonjovi (when he had big purple hair), david bowie, roxy music, alice cooper, guns n roses, antrax, slaugther, skid row, styx, boston, dio, etc, etc.. (yes i was a pretentious headbanging 9 year old)....

traxx plays retro slow rock music in the mornings! i mean, they play alot of glam stuff like Journey, Yes, Van Halen, Queen, etc, etc...and now, i'm in love with the radio again! seriously man... finally, driving to work is a joy once again!!!


on another note, i'm trying to cut down smoking. coz since i've been back from the Malaysian Salsa Festival, i haven't been smoking much. i've been smoking about 3-5 sticks aday when i believe i averaged 2 + packs during the festival! i think i have enough willpower to not smoke during the day and have a few after dinner or with drinks.


did you know that England doesnt have a national anthem? God Save the Queen' is for the United Kingdom and you'll never walk alone is for Liverpool.

now obviously the English started the English language right. The English are afterall from England. So people in England speak english. WHY THE FUCK DOES ENGLAND's MOTTO read 'Dieu et mon droit'? err.. that's French by the way!


people say that i'm a sell-out cause i support the italian football team and not England. For fucks sake, i've been supporting Italy since Italia 1990. I didnt support any other national team prior to that though i was a huge fan or maradona and i love watching brazil play. however, my friends call me a sell-out as i'm a huge liverpool fan but am anti England. Gimme a break, just because Liverpool plays in the English Premier League, i'm suppose to be an England fan? don't forget the very first Liverpool was made up of 12 Scots men... So am I a sell out?

and i've alwiz be proud to be a Liverpool fan... afterall... i have the Liverbird tattooed on my arm

btw - Footie season is back!!! Can't wait for this weekend man.. clash of the titans.. Liverpool vs Chelsea... this time... Drogba and Chelski aint gonna get lucky!


talking about tattooes... i'm thinking of getting a third tattoo. Any ideas? i was actually thinking of inking the whole left upper arm (to the elbow) with a mauri motif to further compliment the exisiting 'Ankh'... hmmm...


aiya.. nevermind me la... am just taking a break from reality... the car's in the workshop... work's a bitch... i'm sleepy.. what's new eh?

lastly 2 things...

1. the mout kiara jazz festival is back... i think i'll check out tonite's gig... c'mon mr gambus! join me if u're free.

2. am gonna organise another water rafting adventure on the 15th of September. if you're interested, contact me before the end of next week.


anfield devotee said...

I, too, have been labelled such by people who clearly unclear of the concept. At pains to explain to them that though they r free to support whoever the fook they like, please don't expect me to change me anti-England stance coz I am a Kopite. I lived in Liverpool for a few years & believe me when I tell you quite a few scousers do NOT support Eng (Liverpool is a nation unto itself).

anfield devotee said...

Oi, its a.n.t.H.r.a.x la. Again, dear metal/rock fan, have u bought yer Napalm Death tickets yet?