Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Is he wrong?

I've been meaning to blog but have been pretty preoccupied of late. Actually the main reason why i haven't had the time to blog is because of late, I've started getting interested in politics. It all started with that 'negarakuku' fiasco. It sad the the powers that be in this country are blind and stupid.

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting debate with my friends on the topic of patriotism. I kept on insisting that I'm proud to be Malaysian which is somewhat still very true. However of late, I've been questioning my reason for being proud.

Taking alot of things into consideration, i've enjoyed my time here. Proud of how we 'fought' for independence, etc, etc, etc. But now, ever since i read May 13... i've taken an interest on how Malaysia got to where it is today and now I ask myself this question - do i have a reason to be proud?

In my eyes - after 50 years... we are no better than from the day the Tunku yelled Merdeka! So what if we have the tallest twin towers and the biggest murtabak..... the Malaysian mentality has taken many steps back. Malaysians today are still as territorial and racist as the day OUR ancestors came to this land to seek fortune.

Isnt it sad? So what if we have been independent for 50 years, what have we achieved? Perhaps its better that the British ruled this land. Perhaps then we would have a brand of educated young professionals instead of mat rempits.... perhaps we would have ended poverty and upgraded the kampongs. Perhaps it'll be safe to walk the streets at night. Perhaps we could rely on public transport.

think about it... what have we achieved? Malaysian politics really suck. u know why? coz:

1. some dude said - 'i will soak the keris with Chinese blood' - 12 years on, this dude becomes the DPM. WTF?

2. some dude said - 'we should make the mat rempits into mat cemerlang, for their skills can help the police'... - WTF? this dude mite become the PM one day u know...

3. some dude said 'this is an islamic state, you dont like it, get lost' - WTF?

what happened to our constitutional rights? or is it that ONE ARTICLE overrides ALL?

Sigh... reading more and more about our 'legacy' proves that malaysia sucks. In fact - its starting to dawn on me that perhaps Malaysia is on the road to self destruction. Sigh. Nevertheless, I am Malaysian and am sort of still proud to be one. Do you know who is a true patriot? Namewee - his song showed how much he felt for Malaysia. Was he being racist? was he condemning the country? I THINK NOT.... he just said - this is where i come from and that he is sad that the powers that be are a bunch of lazy corrupted bastards... Is he wrong?


zewt said...

i just read something like you wrote by an 18 year old... girl!!! i was so impress... yet sad... to know that everyone of us is aware of these shits... but we can only blog about it.

sometime i think... if we were still under british rule... will we be like HK?

SLACKER said...

an 18 year old girl? wah... i'm impressed myself. may i have the link?

well if we were under british rule, i hope we dont end up like hong kong... that place is one helluva cowboy town...

but think about it... in 50 years we have achieved jack shit... however in 44 years, Singapore has achieved so much more... isnt it sad that a country about the size of our capital can literally out-muscle us anytime?

its even more dissapointing to hear comments from our politicians such as nazri about why singapore is better than malaysia and less corrupted... the dude said with a touch of intellectual brilliance 'Singapore is not a real country, it is a small island. Singapore's population is just three to four million and there are no opportunities for corruption, unlike in our country.' WTF?

anfield devotee said...

Glad you are seeing the light. Firstly, regarding a true patriot like Namewee (which u disagreed with me initially when I championed his cause on me blog). Secondly, with regards to the politics of race whhich is the only politics in this country. Did u read the comments made by Utusan columnist Awang Selamat (reproduced in bload soaked glory on me blog - - see what passes fer social commentary in the Malay papers.
Please make sure you & all yer friends are registered to VOTE - just go to Post Office with yer MyKad. Only way change can be affected . . . peacefully!

PS: But fook S'pore la, bunch of arrogant hypocrites. At least in M'sia, there IS an opposition party, unlike the great democracy of S'pore!

B.r.e.e said...

Hey, so you've got your hands on May13 huh? i was quite surpised when i saw them on the rack in MPH,and i went ahead and bought myself one.
And i agree with you, reading that book really causes one a fall back on everything that you 'sees' happening around here in M'sia.
You can see from my blog some link to some 'V'ery 'I'mportant 'B'log, then you'll understand where i'm coming from.. anyway, welcome to the real world!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hey dude..get where u r going..but end of the day..theres only so much we can do..its "sick" but u r not the how?

SLACKER said...

hey anfield devotee.. i agreed with u on ur blog la u moron (re: namewee).. u just read it wrongly... i havent read anything lately.. was in singapore..

end of the day.. singapore had a plan, a vision, and worked-it... think about it.. singapore's economy is brilliant... is it because its a natural entrepot? don't make sense in this day an age.. sg's economic strength began as a manufacturing hub, now they do upstream work... malaysia? - still assembly.... sad? but true..

PAP's autocratic nature is inevitable... as it is in Malaysia with the BN.. then again.. how different is PAP and BN? why need an oppossition when the powers' vision works for the nation?

dont forget... DAP was once the Penang branch of the PAP... so who u gonna vote?

as for me.. i refuse to vote... which party makes sense? i mite as well vote for PAS since they insist on fairness for all races.. or is it just a gimmick to win non muslim votes? then again.. i can't accept malaysia NOT being a secular state..

~MY~ said...

Actually, don't mistake patriotism with sucky government.

We're all true blue Malaysians, no doubt about that. Sucky things, if u noticed, are only getting out of hand of late. How not to be, when everytime the country is in trouble, the head runs off honeymooning in OZ...bwahaha! :P

So, if you are a true Malaysian, start realising that you CAN change something because your vote will count ;)

anfield devotee said...

eh, hello, next time be a little clearer la b4 calling people moron - u said "hey ... I think the song COULDN'T be any less patriotic" . . .
Yer unwillingness to vote is a kop out as nothing will ever change if everyone takes that stand. Yes, by all means vote PAS. I am.
Economic development is not the only yardstick fer progress. S'pore is only able to achieve that coz of the overwhelmong Chinese majority - 90%! Not like here where it is 65/35. Bit more complicated here la.
Let's face it, it is far easier to control a population of 5million or less hence the success of small island economies such as HK & Taiwan.