Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Born again Simpson!

Hey all, i'm finally back from Lumut. Gosh i never realised how much i truly enjoy salsa dancing. i really can't wait for the next salsa event... i.e. the 14 hours of salsa - a charity event on the 7th of September. If any of you would like to accompany me to the event... do let me know...

Anyhow.. back to why i'm here blogging. I remember watching simpsons when i was in primary school during the 'Tracy Ulmann Show'. It was one of the few skits that I had to watch religiously. I remember when Simpsons' pilot which was aired on primetime TV. Something totally unheard of - given the fact that its a cartoon.

I guessed, many people from my generation grew up on Simpsons. After all, its been playing for 18 seasons and STILL going strong. If i'm not mistaken, its the longest running American cartoon with more than 400 episodes! (way more than the Flintstones - yabadabbabyebyedo) Did you know that Matt Groening named the charaters after members of his own family substituting Bart for his own name?

Simpsons is truly fantastic. They presented awards at the Oscars and also won a spot on the Hollywood walk of fame. And now.. after 20 years..., 3 seasons on the Tracy Ulman Show, 18 seasons on prime time television and 400 episodes! Finally a MOVIE!
I must admit that i stopped watching the Simpsons sometime ago. However, I am after all a movie fanatic and I had to watch the movie (infact, i had watched 4 movies back to back that day). After the movie - i became a Born Again Simpson. I haven't had so much laughs during a movie in years!
The scene above was probably used in so many Simpsons' episodes (including the one where Homer used a hammer to knock on a drill to open Marge's camera).. you knew what was going to happen the moment u saw Homer with the hammer and YET I STILL LAUGHED MY BRAINS out when Homer stuck the damn hammer into his eye!

Simpsons is famous for paying homage to numerous cliche scenes from big movies / shows/ plays/ musicals/ songs, etc. Their parody of the ending scene in Austin Powers was stolen in this particular action sequence. I laughed so much from the moment he got onto his skateboard till he crashed landed infront of Flanders.

They were so many amazing scenes of note. I think the 2 President Schwarzenegger scenes were awesome - particularly the line "i'm here to lead, not to read!". Apart from that, I loved the "should i be in, or out" sequence as the Dome came crashing down on him. Howabout the one at Moe's where people looted him clean. Or the punchline at the church where the signboard read "We told you so".. when Armageddon was beckoning.

But my favourite scene is and still is SPIDERPIG... gosh I laughed so much that it hurts just thinking about it... In fact, during the Salsa festival, we joked / acted out scenes from the show. Most notably was us singing the Spiderpig Song.


he can do, what a spiderpig does,

can he swing, from a web,

No he can't cause he's a pig.

Look out, here comes the Spiderpig!

Gosh, I'm still laughing man. If you guys havent watched the movie yet, PLEASE DO SO NOW!


lingzie said...

ahhh!! i want to watch the movie, JUST to hear Homer sing that spiderpig song!! LOL!

also...you salsa? thats way cool! i'm contemplating joining a salsa class but as usual can't find a partner! of course the instructor says its ok...but no fun without a partner right? anyways...i'll go for the trial class and see... :)

SLACKER said...

welcome lingzie to my lil realm... YOU MUST WATCH SIMPSONS... infact i think i'm gonna watch it again and again and again and again!

i love salsa... its fun... trust me, u dont need a partner... just go ahead and start ur classes... u dont really need a partner... its fun... if u're into dancing, i guarantee u'll be hooked to salsa

anfield devotee said...

Fer yer info, Homer Simpson is a character out of Nathanael West's classic novella "Day Of The Locust"(1939) . . .

SLACKER said...

but Matt Groening's Dad is also Homer

SLACKER said...

D 'oh!

lingzie said...

where is this salsa charity event? it is in KL? must go ask my instructor if she knows about it... :)
i am definitely going for the trial class once it starts...then we'll see! :)

SLACKER said...

dear lingzie... kl... i can send u details.... just email me... i have the flyer with me... i think its at impiana hotel... from 8pm to 12 noon...