Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Lack of business sense

hey all. Boy has it been a busy couple of weeks. There's just way too much work and too little time. Anyhow, right now its about 7.30am and i'm sipping coffee @ McDonalds in KL Sentral. I got home rather late last nite, say 3am and was asleep by 4am, only to have my Dad wake me up at 5.30am!!

Against my will, I dragged myself to shower and finish up my last minute packing, for today marks the start of the 2nd Malaysian Salsa Festival. As expected, Daddy didnt believe in Malaysian timing nor does he believe in just-in-time timing. He doesnt even believe in 'being on time'. Since i had to rely on Daddy to send me to KL Sentral (rendezvous point for those going by coach), I'm now here at Sentral - 2 hours before the coach arrives! You see, Daddy alwiz believes that 1 must never be late, but 2 hours????? gosh i'm so sleepy. Just called Cindy and she said she'll only be here by 8.30..... that also i forced her out of bed to accompany me. LOL

Thank God for free Wifi. If not i'll probably go Mad in this place.

Anyhow.... as u guys probably know, everytime i go on a trip or even for a weekend escape somewhere like Singapore or what not... i'll normally buy a carton of cigarettes from the warehouse near my office. Unfortunately, I've been way too busy to go these past few days. Anyhow, as a back-up plan, i normally buy like 10 loose packs from 7-11 or something. I mean, i rather have the security that i have sufficient nicotine fix then to worry about losing money through the premium paid.

When i got here, the first thing i did was to have a smoke break. Thereafter, I walked right in towards 7-11 to purchase 10 boxes or a carton of Dunhill Lights. Anyhow the dude there didnt have any stock. Not a big deal. He only had like 2 loose packs. So after that, i decided to check out the 'Kiosk' which is just around the corner. When I got there, I asked the staff if they sell Dunhill Lights by the carton. His manager immediately said 'no' 'its against our policy. No big deal. I then told her, I would like to purchase 10 loose packets then. She said looking at her inventory (which had like easily 30 packets as there were 4 full rows of my favourite fix) and said to me... hmmm... i can only sell you 5 at a time. I was kinda flabbergasted and stunned by her remarks, but remained calm. So i said, fine, i'll take 5 packs now. Paid the dues and placed them in my bag. Took my bag and walked one circle round the Kiosk and proceeded back to the counter and told the manager 'May i have 5 packets of Dunhill Lights please'. She said 'no i can only sell you 5 at a time'. Well i told her - this is round 2 you know? Obviously the moron had no choice but to sell them to me. Sigh - morons will be morons.

I mean... if it was a product that i could resell for a profit - fair enough, i understand why she wants to maintain economies of scale. However, we're talking about cigarettes! WTF???? No 2 - As a consumer - and as a customer - wouldnt you be happy if i could empty your entire inventory within 1 sale? I mean - you would've made a bundle and you can close shop for the rest of the day - or at least till the next shipment comes in. Think about it - you could close shop at 7.20am without even breaking sweat while making double your normal daily revenue. Sigh.. MORONS WILL BE MORONS!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

don smoke too much la..i think that was the lesson the person was trying to tell u hahaha..

jolcy said...

yayaya.. dun smoke too much la..

and then on that shop fella.. this is called in cantonese got business also dunno how to do..

B.r.e.e said...

Well brother, guess i don't need to say more.. it was nicely done by the previous two 'J'.. keep their advise in mind, kay..

anfield devotee said...

Hullo, notice u mention 'rock'& even 'death metal' in yer profile. So have u done yer civic duty & bought yer tickets for Napalm Death - the greatest grindcore band of all time. Sep 1, 5pm Ruums Club, Jln Sultan Ismail. RM50 only at Tower or Rock records. Don't be a poser wuss!!!

AngryYoungChild said...

Haha, maybe she rather work the extra hours or loose some money, just so that u wont smoke extra 5 packets. =P

SLACKER said...

hey all.... i'm BACK!!!! to the 2 Js and Bree - wei, i will quit la... give me another 10 years or something... heheeheh...

dear anfield devotee - wei... u know i like rock music.. but i can't make it to the ND concert la... i have all my weekends packed with actvities from now till end sept... i wanted to go the to the ND gig the last time round... the last death / black gig i went for was the fugazi one a bloody long time ago... maybe u're rite.... i've become a poser wuss!!! - anyhow - mr macho rockstar - dont forget u have to go watch Jackie Cheung live with my sister - muahaahahaha

dear AYC - wah - u think the manager there so thoughtful of me unti she's willing to work more to care for my health... hahaha

hey guys - i'm back from the salsa festival and i must say - SALSA ROCKS!!! salsa CHICAS - are so freaking hot man.... sigh... u just want to hold them near u and feel their heartbeats... and susanna monterro and francisco varquez are damn bloody hot dancers!