Tuesday, 16 December 2008

OMG - chelski, monkey united and arse did a liverpool!

I believed i've blogged many times about how frustrating it is to be a Liverpool fan. Year in, year out, we have brought phenomenal talents with great aspiration and hopes of success. Instead, we become labelled inconsistent, short of quality, unable to score, boring, defensive, nothing more than a cup team, etc, etc.....

We have had several fantastic individual results... but no REAL results... if you catch my drift!

How many times have Liverpool in the recent past had opportunity to close in on the league leaders but decide to drift further apart... There were so many times when the Reds kicked off later with knowledge that the league leader say chelski or monkey united had lost/drawn their matches...
with opportunity to capitalise on such great fortunes... the Reds decide to lose their match and drift further.... Its real frustrating when you count back and realise that we could've won the league in those seasons... if only we had capitalised on those moments... so i guess its true... we lack quality or perhaps, consistency to go the extra mile...

I'm sure if you're a true Red... you'll know what i mean.

Even this season, we had 2 opportunities in the past to gain advantage on the (then) leaders - Chelski... but istead we decided to match them, if they had lost, we go and lose too, if they drawn.. we draw as well.. WTF????...

and must I endure another STALEMATE at home?

i really don't care if we had 100 shots at goal coz at the end of the day... anyway u look at it... its all about the score at the FINAL WHISTLE!

Now comes the fact that we ARE THE LEAGUE LEADERS! Have you realised that everytime we reach the summit of the Premier League in the past few years... we tend to fuck up the following few matches??? We did no different this time round... we had 2 STUPID FUCKING SCORELESS DRAWS AT HOME to LESSER TEAMS!!!! and last weekend - we were NEARLY humbled by Hull....

But wait... instead of free falling down the league..... guess what????
We're still on top! How is this possible? Surely the 'BETTER' teams like Monkey United, Arseface morons and Chelski MUST've capitalised on Liverpool's drop of 6 points in the last 4 games!!!
But guess what... those morons did a LIVERPOOL!!!! YES! YES.. they really did... its amazing....
I was in Genting highlands having a party during the Liverpool v Hull match... when i heard we had stumbled to a draw... in a match we could've so easily lost... I thought to myself, our season has ended.... It must be just like the many seasons before... never close, alwiz that far!....
much to offer, but nothing to show....
When I got back from Genting and learnt that Monkey United and Arsefarce screwed up as well, i thought to myself... there is hope after all.. but will Chelski fuck up too? SURELY NOT! RIGHT?
I had to watch that match.... no matter how brain dead and tired i was, I HAD TO WATCH THAT match.... so i did
When Bellamy scored after 33minutes... i knew this is gonna be the year... where I truly believe that we have something to hope for....
I'm not saying that we are gonna win it for sure... but at least there's more football for me to watch after christmas....
The fact here is... RAFA is right about 1 thing... for us to win the title.. the other 3 must fuck up... and they are doing that just fine... so i hope they'll keep up the good work with fucking up!
This is the first season for a while now where we are not fighting for 4th spot with some high aspiring mid table team... instead... we have the opportunity to finally bring the title HOME!!!!
I now wait in anticipation for the christmas season... I believe if we can start stringing some wins and stay on top come the New Year.... i think we just might have a change...
Wins against Arseface, Bolton and the magpies... will keep up at the summit come new year's eve..... and in recent years... if you're on top at the start of the new year... you normally go on to win it!
s0..... fingers crossed.... we wont fuck up too much... and we'll start stringing em wins again....
GO REDS!!!!! and.... YNWA!

Monday, 22 September 2008


Deadline - the time by which something must be finished or submitted; a line or a limit that must not be passed- says many a dictionary. Its a very interesting word used virtually everyday in the corporate world. I suppose the word itself is pretty self explanatory as the word 'dead' means nothing short than a finite end. With it accompanied by the word 'line'... i guess deadline must mean that 'the line ends(dies) here!'

In my line of work, deadlines are imposed on everything you do. Even if u want to take a smoke break - they'll say 'ok.. u have 5 minutes from now'....

In general, deadlines are meant to be final, but many a time, we are accustomed to an art that i have since perfected... i.e. the art of procrastination. Henceforth the need for extensions!

Recently I've been busy at work trying to meet nonsensical deadlines for impossible clients. Everyday whilst eyes glued to the computer monitor, fingers gracefully floating around the keyboard, chorus of 'clicks' and 'clacks' and 'beeps' and 'bleeps' from my (sort-off) trusty IBM Thinkpad; at the back of my mind i hear only the ticking of the clock, reminding me of the impending deadlines. With each 'tick' and 'tock' i see the deadline demon closing in on me telling me better not fuck things up!

Last week was really a very trying week with stupid hours and bosses that knock on your doors at the wrong time (like 5.30pm for an email that needs to go out like by 5.31pm!). I could've taken the easy way out by opting to fly to Phuket and bask in the sun with a nice Singha beer (or 2) in my hands, but i didn't. Instead, i cancelled my trip just to work and in fact, I was stationed at my desk for a full 10 hours with minimal break on a Sunday. Could you imagine that? Me - care about work????????

Speaking about deadlines, DSAI needs to get things right. He shouldn't have used the Sept 16 deadline tactic. To me that really was poor politics. He's smart by perpetual public announcement that he has enough MPs. This info would influence others to defect, however timing could've been better.

To a certain extent, I do agree with Mr Bodohwi that if DSAI wants to form a government, he should take parliament by storm and demand a vote of no confidence. He should do it in the good ol' London all girl punk band (ironically named Deadline) fashion and demand that 'he is taking over'.

However, such Neanderthal methods can be seemed as extreme and I honestly do not want Malaysia to follow in the steps of nations whereby gangsterism and disrespect for democracy as seen in countries like Thailand, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Burma, etc.

Its becoming to be a 'push' and 'shove' scenario here in Malaysia... and its sad that this is happening.

Deadlines are important, yet nothing more than illusions of the human mind. I question myself, why am I so suddenly wary and conscientious about deadlines?

Deadlines are something that my bosses take very seriously; but something that I never did. I'm a born procrastinator, how do I honour deadlines? I think I use work to deviate me from my own internal deadline (non work-related of course). Believe you me, this self imposed deadline is more complex than figuring the the principles of differentiation!

Basically, its a deadline on a decision that I must make and soon. A decision that is made up of a series of decisions, like a real complicated decision tree. Each decision branch with its own deadline let alone consequences, leaving me with headaches upon concluding each and every mini deadline!

At the end of the day, its just a deadline that I must meet for if its passes it means I took the easy way out and chose the negative option,leaving not much to the imagination. In truth, its nothing more than a deadline that requires me to make a tough decision though the reality is nothing short of 'Yes' or 'No'.

As each mini deadline passes and me procrastinating my decision(s), which really fucks up the general scheme of things... I ask myself... Will I?

Tick tock tick tock......

Monday, 25 August 2008

I'm back...

Hey peeps, (not like anyone reads this misearable waste of cyberspace), i'm back blogging... (i hope)... as always, i've been meaning to blog on so many interesting adventures i've been on in the last few months... this would include my conquest of mount kinabalu via the mersilau trail, attending both the salsa congress and salsa festival in penang and desaru respectively..... the tsunami GE8 whereby I was a proud DAP voting agent.... the EURO 2008 which saw Spain finally winning something... the recent Olympics which I must say was absolufooking fantastic! another trip to the rainforest music festival in santubong and also the recent edition of the IAFG whereby i helped en-route to our 6th consecutive gold in TOW...

Which brings us to today.... D-DAY at Permatang Pauh.... obviously BN is scared out of their wits hoping they can once again regain Permatang Pauh which was last won by BN when Anwar was on their side (i think).... I just dont get BN.... why are they so fucking scared? Playing all these stupid mind games such as the analsaifulgate.... and i'll give u 15cents back for every litre u buy today.... if i were BN... i would welcome Anwar back into parliament... and let the real games begin!

I've been reading a few blogs on the run up to the by-election and everyone is bias and i think everyone's getting carried away. GE8 was fantastic when the opposition did well, but have they achieved much since? I think the DAP led Penang is doing well with what appears to be positive improvements overall... I think Khalid is doing his best to undo all the wrong in Selangor.... however I must say, that some of the Pakatan Rakyat candidates who won seats during the GE8 have been poor...

Many people voted for the opposition not because of the ability of the candidate but mainly because people are just fed up of the bullshitness of barisan najis.... and many opposition candidates won out of popularity such as blogger and lawyers.... are these people fit to run an office?

well to be honest - they can't do any worse than a BN candidate!

however lets look at Datuk Shahrizat... she did well when she was in power... she cared for the people, etc,etc... but where is Nurul?

there's also this DAP arrogant dude whom i shall not mention his name... since in power, he has done bugger all for his constituency.... the rakyat came to him for help and he tells them to bugger off... why? all he cares about is destroying barisan najis till he forgets what his role in office is all about... this is a true story conveyed to me by the people of the area who approached him for legitimate help.... i wont go into details, but in a nutshell, the fucking arrogant fool riding on a DAP ticket is not willing to help but instead tell his 'beloved' ppl to fuck off.. bear in mind... i am pro-DAP....

can't they all be like penang where they take care of matters at home first before worrying about the war at hand?

politics is a stupid game.... it really is....

i just watched ROME season 1 and season 2... a brilliant series which starts from the rise and fall of Julius Ceasar... to the inhumane political maneuverings between Cicero, Cato, Brutus, Anthony, Cleopatra and of course the young and ambitious Octavian...

anyhow, back to domestic politics.... i think Gerakan shd bugger out of BN since they have publicly mention that racial politics (as it is in BN) is out of fashion... I supposed it made sense during Tun Dr Ismail's time, i.e. in the wake of May 13, 69.... but today? Tun Dr Ismail said one thing which has fallen on deaf's ears till this day.... 'For how long should we keep the social contract?'

Back to Permatang Pauh.... Anwar to win? hmmm... i still have mixed feelings... with all honesty and support... I do hope he gets back into parliament... we need someone who can exert some muscles on the pampered BN idiots... will it do any good? I really hope so... am so sick and tired of it all.... all i want is to see a united Malaysia... one for the people... and not for themselves.... Unmo used gerakan back in the days to so call united the rakyat... arent DAP and PKR doing the same with PAS? sigh...

What we need is a leader, a party, that is multiracial and works for the people without looking at race or religion.. certain sensitivities must be observed of course...

at the end of the day.... what's the point of boasting a 'multi-racial community, culture, diversity' when in politics... its never the case...

Thursday, 1 May 2008

kudos to chelsea

I'm still stunned by the result at the bridge. I was confident that Liverpool would settle the tie, but Chelsea came storming out and are deserved winners. At least Rafa finally got a goal at the bridge.

I'm a huge Riise fan, however i must say he fucked up over the 2 games. Firstly, if he didnt score in the last match, we would've have had the advantage going into this morning's match. 2ndly, he failed to mark Drogba which i feel led to Chelsea's first goal. However, I still feel that Liverpool were hard done by the fact that Kalou was clearly a yard offside when he received the ball from Lamps. 3rdly, he also failed to mark Anelka which led to Chelsea's 3rd goal....

To me, he is still a phenomenal player, but 1 that has forgetten 'how to be a left back'.

It looks like Rafa might be leaving Liverpool after another embarrassing season. Though i think he should stay for just 1 more season. Hopefully less talk and complaints and bring back the trophies.

What's interesting is the fact that virtually the entire 'England' team played in the quarterfinals of the champions league. and more than half played in the semifinals. Come 21st May, 3 of the England's back 4 will be on showcase, 4 England midfielders and an English striker will be playing in the Champions' league finals. This season, the top 2 teams in Europe are from England. 3 English team in the top 4 and all 4 english teams in the top 8. The fact that the 2 finalist are locked on points at the top of the EPL must only mean that England is damn fucking good team.

Right...??? England is so fucking good at football that it refuses to play in this summer's European Cup.

I've said this many times... I think England Football team SUCKS!.... They're not good enough for Europe however the EPL is bossing the Champions' league this season. Ain't that amazing?

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Its been a while since i've last blogged. I've been really meaning to, but in all honestly, I've been extremely busy with a host of things. Firstly was my political involvement in the recent GE. Apart from promoting 'Vote for Change'.... I was a proud voting agent for DAP for the Bukit Bintang constituency.

I remember on that nite there were SO MANY FREAKING SMS' about violence all around... when in truth... the country has LEARNT from May 13 that it WOULD BE STUPID to go throught that again, hence THERE WERE NO VIOLENCE ANYWHERE IN KL! However most parents (understandably so) had self imposed a state of emegency ordering their kids not to party at nite and be home way before dark.... Hence why i couldn't join the rest for Fern's encore bday celebration @ the Curve from Cava in Bangsar (though it was already 1am).

Anyhow, the highlight of my political involvement (or what little of it) was the thank you dinner by YB Fong Kui Lun. Firstly the food was excellent. More importantly the speeches by the various DAP leaders and some PKR leaders were very inspiring. You feel the country could just improve. My personal favourite was the Segambut's assemblyman's speech.. it was great!

Apart from politics, your humble narrator has been extremely busy with work. Way too many projects at the moment leaving me with many sleepless nights. Speaking of which, I really question why I work? I received an interesting phonecall 2 days ago and it has left me thinking: The foundation of a great system is the policies that each member of the system adhere to (and of course to all the apple polishers around). Its amazing how far one can go by abusing the system for personal gains. Its also how amazing to know how ppl can abuse the system to further keep ppl down. Come to think of it.. the system is so similar to politics... and the system is so similar to BN... however in this system... everyone wants to be part of BN... there may not be an ISA.. but if u fuck the powers that be... you are asking to be fucked in more ways than listed in the karma sutra.

Dont wanna talk about work.. its too depressing. There is no future... Really need to jump ship...

On a lighter note... I am SOOOOOO into Salsa. The only thing that keeps my head up and spirits high is my love for salsa.... Never thought i would be this caught up. I now go dancing 3 times a week and practice on most other days. My love for salsa has further enhanced my love for music. I'm so into percussion based music and go real dreamy whenever i hear cool beats from a conga or a bongo.

Speaking of which, I travelled to Penang recently for the 2nd World Latin International Salsa Congress. It was great fun (though not as professionally organised as compared to last year's Malaysian Salsa Festival, one would think they would've learnt from their shortfalls at last year's malaysian congress and from MSF last year).

I only attended 1 nite of the congress to watch Havana Estudio's KL Caliente perform Rueda de Casino. In other words i went there to support my friends who were performing....

KL Caliente was a success... however i must say the remaining 3 acts were sensational... first up was the pretty boys & girls from New York.. they were awesome with their series of lifts and other acrobatic stunts...

Then there was the Alonso dude with his Japanese partner who did very amazing rhumba and guaguanco style dancing... the salsa was good too... but i was truly amazed with the sharpness in the body isolation movements when they did the guaguanco...

The last act was the probably one of the best performances i've ever seen... It was the venezuelan act. Jhonny Sanchez and his 2 babes were amazing.. the way he spun them (say 15 spins)in unison with crossed hands was superb! And the lifts and ferris wheel.. woo hoo.... i was impressed!

Though i enjoy Francisco Vasquez and Susanna Monteiro and Leon Rose's at last year's MSF... and also the acts at last year SISF... sigh... i love salsa...

Charissa had pre-empted me that the band wasnt as good as Spanish Harlem who performed at last year's SISF.... but i must say, they were fun and played pretty good music... i was most impressed with Thomas the blind pianist.

My only problem with last Sat nite's social dance was that it was a beach party. As much as i love the beach, the beach is not a suitable place to salsa, further more, the floorboard and carpet used did not make sense.... It was fun dancing on stage though...

I was amazed when all the acts like jhonny sanchez, bobby dickerson and the host martin reyes etc etc were showing off their musciallity playing the conga and bongo... made me really appreciate clave and timba beats... in fact when the music ended.. i was dancing on the terrace and lobby to their clave beats.. it was amazing!

Speaking about music, I was in Singapore recently and bar hopped around Clarke Quay. The carribean band at Mama Carribean was cool but i was most impressed with the cuban band and Cuba Libre... their brand of music had a very strong rhumba core.. not so much salsa-able songs.. but alot of merengue-ish songs....

we ended the night and China1 which had a rock band playing... stephanie was in 7th heaven but i didnt think much of them as i felt their music to be a little too teeny poppy with tunes from linkin park, my chemical romance and simple plan.. to be a good rock band must play music from the 70s and 80s...

btw - i was in Singapore for Ben Elton's WE WILL ROCK YOU... and the show certainly rock the hell out of me... I've never really been a huge Queen fan... i love their music.. but i was never a big fan... however, i fell in love with the play and music... Mig Ayeesa was amazing in lead. For the next week or so i listen to nothing but music from Queen. WOO HOO.... 'DONT STOP ME NOW! COZ I'm HAVING A GOOD TIME!'

The weekend before that i was in Genting for the Genting Jazz festival... it was an amazing festival... I really love my salsa group of friends... as they are not discriminative and they know how to have a good time... I suppose the more i fall in love with salsa the more i fall in love with music as a whole and start to appreciate sounds created by different instruments...

the best thing about this jazz fest was firstly... ming drove at lighting speed and the 2 of us were in the genting international showroom within an hour from the jelatek lrt station... but more importantly... our group dance like there was no tomorrow with every performance... infact we didnt care if ppl looked strangely at us.. we were too busy having a good time.... we even danced on stage!!!... and for someone like me... who really hates to be on stage for any reason.... was quick to grap hazel to dance rueda on stage..... and also some salsa towards the end with some of me friends...

well.... alot of other things have happened in the last 2 months... GE tsunami... musicallity... loads of weddings including a trip to kuching for parveen's wedding... alot of salsa... in fact i'll be at Hush tonite to dance....

oyah... to all rock fans.... if you remember watching Sharins' band perform at bala's broadwalk in the past.. .please note that they now perform on most days at numerous places including HRC..... do let me know if u wanna check them out... i normally try to catch them on my non salsa days which is mainly saturdays @ HUSH in bangsar...

ok folks... till the next.. cheerio!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Pak la la la la la

March 8 is just around the corner. Are you a registered voter? I know I AM NOT.... yes i'm a typical Malaysian born with the 'tidak apa' attitude. I've been talking on and on about wanting to finally vote... till i forgot to register.

Yes i am the greatest hypocrite!

However, that wont stop me from bloggin about voting. You see, the state of affairs in the country is getting worse. To be frank and honest, there's no party worthy of running this country. If you dont believe me.. do check out each party's manifesto.

Anyhow..... I never thought I would hear myself say this, let alone type this out.. I wish The Tun was still in power. I mean, to a certain extend, I do believe it is his fault that the racial divide in this country has grown.

He was the man who deliberately had a Chinese chauffeur and in 1969 declared that he didnt need chinese votes to win. Naturally he lost to the PAS candidate.

The great Tun was also the guy who wrote the book 'The Malay Dilemma'... which he sought to explain the causes of the May 13 Incident and the reasons for the Malays' lack of economic progress within their own country. He then proposed a politico-economic solution in the form of "constructive protection", worked out after careful consideration of the effects of heredity and evironmental factors on the Malay race.

Once again I have to say as I've mentioned in many blogs before... since when is Malaysia for Malays? shouldnt it be for MALAYSIANs???? As mentioned before also, how sure are we that Malays were here first????

Anyhow, back to the book.... do you know that part of the book forms the basis of Malaysia's NEP????

Inspite of all his inadequacies.. i guess the Tunku was a better leader..... and did the right thing to fuck the Tun up back in the days.

Anyhow..... inspite of all that, I do admire the Tun. He fought so passionately in what he believed in. He is man who has guts. He'll tell the white man to Fuck Off and mind your own business....

More importantly... he cared about the country... between the late 80s and late 90s, he did afterall improve Malaysia in so many ways. During this period, growth averaged over ten percent and living standards rose twentyfold, with poverty relatively almost eradicated and social indicators such as literacy levels and infant mortality rates becoming almost on par with developed countries.

Malaysia became a high-tech manufacturing, financial and telecommunication hub. Great initiatives such as Perwaja, Proton and Astro have helped Malaysia in so many ways.

However, these projects have serious issues. One has a corrupted boss, the other had to be bailed by Petronas the last one... well we all love Astro dont we?

He does love the country and embarked on many large scale national projects the North-South Expressway (don't you just love it?).... MSC... KLIA... Twin Towers, Sepang... Putrajaya... Cyberjaya.....

Although I still feel that the money used could have been used for better reasons... however, to a certain degree, these projects have put us on the World Map....

What i respect most about him is that he was Mat Cool during the 1997 financial crisis.... Stupid George fucked us.... and we desperately needed IMF and the World Bank to bail us out... but the Tun told them to fuck off... as he knew best... lets be frank.. we did recover faster than expected.... and apart from Singapore... i think we're pretty alrite... as compared to our neighbours in the region...

All and all.. he did alot for the country... but he was a stubborn man... he had alot of flaw... made alot of mistakes.. but he did more good than bad...

what can we say about his balless successor?????

here's what my favourite Malaysian comedians have to say.....

Happy Voting y'all

Monday, 4 February 2008

Mamak moments

I seriously think that the mamak stall is a 'malaysian' phenomenon. First and foremost, the term 'mamak' as defined by wikipedia: 'is a term (derived from a Tamil word meaning uncle) used in Malaysia to describe the Malaysian Indian Muslim community and culture. Most Indian Muslims consider this term to be pejorative'.

The mamak stall is (as the name suggests), a stall operated by mamaks. Its incredible that one can find a mamak at almost any street corner in KL. Though traditionally mamaks are roadside stalls with a few tables, we now have restaurant and cafe-type mamaks all around. No other eatery has much cultural significance in Malaysia, apart from the kopitiam, of course.

Everyone goes to the mamak. Whether its for a proper meal or late night football watching, or just to have a quick drink in between errands, we all go to the mamak.

There have been many terrifying urban legend type mamak tales to share ranging from creepy crawlers to 'creative ingredients'. And i'm sure you have your own tale to share. However, my misadventures arent as scary.

I remember 1 particular mamak stall that we used to patronise during our secondary school days. It was the stall next to the Esso on Pasar Road. I do not understand why we go there, but we do. I remember it was the stall very near to Hafiz' house and next to his brother's burger stall. The gang, would just 'lepak' there on most nights, flipping burgers and jamming on 'kapok' guitars.

Anyhow, back to that infamous stall. The owner was this really old dude..... and he had a few helpers. This particular helper will take our orders almost everyday. I don't know what's his deal, but he never comes prepared with pen and paper. Irrespective, being a person whose job is to 'take orders', one should be fairly proficient after 'years' on the job... rite? Now, our group goes there almost on a daily basis, and its the ussual 3-5 jokers........ and we generally (being creatures of habit), order the same drink.... maybe its our luck, but its always that same ol' dude who comes to take our orders. As predictable, he's never equipped with pen & paper. What this joker does is that he'll just go to the kitchen area and prepares 1 drink, and return with that 1 drink. then takes the order for the remaining people. Goes back to the kitchen area and perpares just another drink and returns to take the order of the remaining people.

If you think he's bad? lemme tell you of the other mamak stall we used to patronise during our school days located in maluri - near the 7-11. This guy is still the champion. I remember during nite scouting activities, the whole gang whole gather at that mamak. There would be at least 10-15 of us. Naturally we would all order different drinks. But the dude there, perhaps felt it was his 'paternal' duty... he would calmly take the orders (also without pen & paper)... return to the kitchen area... and after say 10 minutes of waiting... he would return to our table with about 15 cups of MILO AIS.... !!!!! I KID YOU NOT!!!! (even if there were only 10 of us and nobody ordered MILO AIS!)

lemme tell you 2 more recent incidents...

Incident 1: As you know, i'm ga-ga over salsa. I spent so much time at the studio these days. As such, i'm ALWAYS at Devi's corner (mamak) just beneath the studio. I must admit, the food's not too bad. Nothing fantastic, but just nice. As mentioned before, I am a creature of habit. As such, for the past few years, my no 1 drink at mamaks is TEH O AIS KOSONG. The thing is, i dont really like sweet drinks and i love the taste of tea.

One thursday night, after salsa class, the gang gathered at the mamak for a our ritualistic 'yum char' session. I think at that point in time, it was just Mary-Ann, Karen and myself. Anyhow, as ussual, i ordered my 'TEH O AIS KOSONG'. The dude nicely wrote down our orders and proceeded to the kitchen to process it.

About 5 minutes later, he returned with our drinks. I was totally shocked with what he had intepreted TEH O AIS KOSONG to be. Lo and behold, this is what the dude gave me:

The dude brought me a glass of TEH O and a glass of AIS KOSONG????????? hence TEH O AIS KOSONG! i guess in future i have to be more specific. That's why nowadays, i order TEH O KOSONG (dropping the ever confusing AIS!). However i wont be surprised if they find a way to screw that up!

The second incident happened just last Friday. After the weekly Friday salsa session at Little Havana, we proceeded to our regular mamak not too far from LH. I do admit that their nasi goreng kampung and food in general is VERY GOOD.

Anyhow, as always, i ordered my NASI GORENG KAMPUNG and as ussual, i asked for cili padi. Now, mamaks or rather non chinese in general do not really slice the cili padi finely. They would normally cut them up into small bit sizes. However, this is probably the laziest display of chilli cutting i've ever seen.

Just take a look at that. They gave me alot of cili padi... but i would prefer them in smaller sizes! They were all either cut in half or left in full.... Sigh... don't people understand the meaning of the phrase 'cili padi potong?'

Anyhow, mamak is something that's here to stay. You can complain all you want, but without them, life does get a lil dull...... Perhaps i'll see you at a mamak nearby for a cuppa!


Would like to seize this opportunity to wish all of you a great YEAR OF THE RAT!!! (another thing you can find at most mamaks!)

Monday, 14 January 2008

New Year - same shit

Dear all, I do humbly apologise for being such a poor blogger. Its been a while since I've been surfing from blog to blog, yet alone blog meself. Well, blogging has been for me a great escape from work. As I havent been in office since Christmas, there is nothing to escape from!

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all. I was celebrating and partying virtually everyday since the eve of Hari Raya Haji. It was great time off with the numerous gatherings. However, I must admit that being on leave - doesnt necessarily mean a jolly good time. I spent many a days running errands such as the never-ending problems with my car, banking, etc, etc.

I return to the office tomorrow. Not sure if i remember how to work. But return to work i must!

During the festive season, there were many great parties of note. My favourite was probably Andrew T'ng's house warming and the nighty activities en route to New Year's Eve!

However, what has brought me to blog tonight is to highlight a few things that have been on my mind of late.

Firstly - the sorry state of affairs with my beloved Liverpool Football club. For a team that host such big names ; so many national players, we have had very dismal showing of late. The unfortunate draw away to Man City, the stupid draw at home to Birmingham and of course the nonsensical 1-1 result in the FA Cup.

I've been a big fan of Rafa. However, I do think he has lost the plot. I am a hopeless romantic who's loyalty (i believe) is second to none. I was upset when Daglish resigned, was upset the Roy Evans left, and felt that Houlier deserved another season. But who am I kidding? Rafa's stubborness to field the right team has led me to many frustrating football nights. It is a miracle that inspite of all this, we're still 4th in the league.

I still stand firm that Rafa is not about only winning Cups. I'm sure the premiership is on his mind. However, he must stop rotating. the squad is not good enough to play too many combinations. Its ok i guess to tinker 1 or 2 players from match to match. However to change an average of 4-5 players is completely nonsensical. It may have worked at Valencia - but it sure as hell not working in the EPL.

Secondly - is the sorry state of affairs of Malaysian Politics. Its sad that there really isnt any political party that deserves to lead Malaysia. However, I think its time for BN to step down and stop bullying the country, let alone lead it to self destruction.

We have to stop them from having a 2/3 majority. I dont want my 'Tanahku tercinta' become the next Pakistan or something.

We proudly boast 50 years of independence. Do you know that a country that young, has amended the constitution a total of 690 times? Come on! That's almost 14 times a year. We complain about The United States of America being a bias country filled with corruption, etc. but a country with more than 200 years of independence, they have only amended its constitution 27 times! Lets not look so far. Singapore has only amended its constitution 4 times. So why the fuck do we need to amend ours 690 fucking times?

Let me tell you why. The amendments provides the powers that be - MORE POWER. its almost ABSOLUTE POWER. Are we living in a republic? I know, i know. Some countries have it worse. FOr instance in China - Loyalty to the government is FORCED upon. But do we want to go down that route under the guise of Democracy???

I dont need to explain further what these amendments have done for our country. You can read them in so many blogs.


Ok, enough ranting. I think i wanna take a shower and get ready for bed. Hopefully, your humble narrator will return to his little realm and waste more space in cyberspace regularly once more. Until then, i bid you adieu!