Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Racism and Discrimination

Would you consider me a racist? Would you consider me a person who discriminates? Just because i've a photograph of a plate of delightful roast pork on my desk - would that make me a fooking ROMPER STOMPER??? Someone who is insensitive to the moslem race?

Wouldn't it be the same kind of insensitivity when the slaugther of cows are shown on national television every year? wouldn't that be insensitive towards religious hindus?

I've seen many people get offended when they read about a pork reviews in my friends' food blogs... and many get offended when I talk about pork openly in office... what's the big freakin deal? for fucks sake... its the same as someone telling a hardcore hindu how wonderful beef rendang is? on a similar note, wouldn't the tag line 'KFC fried chicken is finger licking good' insult buddist vegetarians? (don't forget - i am Hindu on paper - but i do eat beef... *whoops!*)

For fucks sake.. its not like i'm forcing anyone to eat something they dont want to eat rite? I mean... if u eat things i dont like infront of me... or tease me about how good it taste... i wouldn't give a rat's ass.... whether its due to religious practices or personal preference, what goes on around us, should not affect us.. RITE?????

take nature lovers and animal lovers... some are vegetarian by choice.... they cant stop me from eating meat rite?

i mean i love animals... don't get me wrong... but i love my food too!!! (and its not my fault that animals are full of meat) i remember when i was young... i was so angry with my God mother for killing the chicken i used to play with (since it was a chick)... i remember her asking me to hold the bird down by the drain in the air-well... then she took out a knife and MURDERED IT! i cried and cried until she laid the feast on the table... and then i went.. 'AMEN'... (the bird was delicious - may he rest in peace)

since then, i told myself... dont be a hypocrite.... if u like to eat it... dont pretend to be such an animal lover! I've boiled live prawns before (steamboat)... couldnt be any fresher!

ok... back to my blog's topic for the day. Like any other corporate slave, i have lunch everyday. Everyone's aware of my fondness of pork. However, everyone knows i LOVE MALAY FOOD too. In fact, the people i grew up with, we all enjoy Malay Food. Thinking back, whenever I'm with David or Soon Hoe (since we were young till now), we alwiz end up having Malay food. Guys.. please understand, MAMAK FOOD - IS NOT MALAY FOOD. Need u people to understand that there's a difference between Malay mix rice, with Mamak mix rice and Indian mix rice. VERY DIFFERENT... in fact.. there's a huge difference between northern indian and southern indian food... but that's for another post!

I mean... malay food is awesome... i can tell the origin of certain malay dishes... mainly.. its either north east, north west, east or south malaysia... (though south malaysia's malay food very similar to east)

As I was saying, whenever we decide for lunch and if it has to be halal... these people will choose a place that i dont like to frequent... for instance... i LOATHE FAST FOOD... i'll only have FAST FOOD.. when i need the food FAST... like TO GO... D'OH! These morons will want to go for fast food no matter what. If its not fast food... then its starbucks or some coffeehouse. C'mon.... coffeehouse for lunch? we're asians... can't we have rice or noodles?

Not wanting to create a scene or whatever, i normally decline their offer and join others for lunch. So these morons label me 'DIFFICULT'... 'ANTI-SOCIAL', etc....

to be honest, name calling dont really get to me...(i do have a pretty thick hide) until recently, as a result of a similar lunch incident... i was labelled a practitioner of RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION..... WTF????

who is discriminative now? can't we eat at the malay stalls behind the office? must the options for lunch venue be places i LOATHE? there are so many mamaks and good indian eateries around... must it be KFC?????? damn it! on days when they want to eat with other people... they can calmly go to those stalls as i have just mentioned... WTF?????????

anyhow... i had originally planned to blogged about me and my patriotism...u see.. i'm PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN... no 2 ways about it... but by putting alot of things into perspective.. what's there to be proud about?

I recently read the book May 13 by the SUARAM president... and with the recent hu ha over 'NEGARAKUKU'... etc etc... i wonder... do Malaysians live in multi-racial harmony?


zewt said...

wow... much emotions i feel.

very good pick on the sensitivity bias treatment. whatever we do... we are not sensitive, whatever they do... it's ok. and check out the news today, the apology from the negarakuku kid was denied. i cant help but think of the time when the apology of the bocor ruckus was accepted by ppl from their own side and the victim told to shut up.

i guess the above answers your question in your last sentence already.

p/s: the chicken story from you crying till u say amen was damn damn damn funny!

jolcy said...

well.. sad but true... i guess it is around the world as well.. you touch bout them.. and the whole of their kind will come attacking you...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh did u know i have been craving for murtabak since god knows when? and i am actually damn bloody broke lar from eating @ all those expensive and halal places..

SLACKER said...

guys... u know what's funny? the comments that ticked me off was from a non-moslem... WTF?

anfield devotee said...

Undilah PAS! Yes, that's rite, the country's fundamentalist Islamic party GUARANTEES yer right to eat oink! Hopefuly u now understand why Negaraku controversy is a fiasco - one-eyed tunnel vision & self-rightous hypocrites who only believe in people respecting their sensitivites, not anyone elses's. BN recently had a kenduri at Parliament where they slaughtered cows even though there was uproar from non-Muslim MPs. Yup, u guessed it - "This is a Islamic nation, don't like, get lost" was the response.

anfield devotee said...

2nd comment - we r indeed related. Me latest posting on me blog was also bout me fondness fer the magic oink. Finished posting & came here only to see u also talking bout yer love of oink!!! ha ha

Cirnelle said...

Hmmmm... since we're in Merdeka month, how about this little predicament? A pork (bah kut teh) shop puts up a Malaysian flag. The flag has a crescent moon on it, denoting you know what religion. Is that insensitive? Or is that patriotism?

*Confused Malaysian Chinese*