Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New beginnings

After some deliberation - I've finally decided to join the commercial world. Opening a restaurant now or diving full fledged into business might not be advisable given the current market condition. Commercial will give me the job and financial security that I have enjoyed all these years.

Its different here. The team functions like a family and everyone including the CEO treats each other like an equal; like family. This is no small 2 dollar company mind you. This is a large multinational with consolidated revenues running into 10 digits! It feels like what it was when I first joined PwC - minus all the redtape and nonsensical policies. So far - everyone's been real friendly and supportive. I should have joined the commercial world sooner if I knew it was going to be like this.

Though only have had a sneak peek of life in the commercial world thus far - I can see more pros than cons. Maybe I'm just lucky to have found this place.

Sure, the resources are a lil bit different and certain systems / databases are a bit more old school here but one thing's for sure, this team invest in its people. Better benefits by a mile and better pantry / coffee facilities (LOL).  The people here have made me feel like one of them oh so quickly. Which I think is very important to ensure job satisfaction. More importantly - it was the main thing lacking when I was still in public practice. Lucky or not - I'm grateful for this opportunity. I will always hold PwC dear to me, but this is what I want and thank God I have it!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Decision final!

I've stopped blogging for a while now. Firstly, nobody reads the shit I posts and secondly, my posts are filled with angst, depression, hate, #toomuchfuckingdrama.

I decided to post something today. Why? Reading my last post - i realised my life has not changed much in the last 3 years. The amount of hate for the system and the powers that be has remained the same.

Then - I stopped fighting the system and decided to comply like a faithful minion. This meant keeping my thoughts to myself. This ate me up further inside. I was merely a pretender - a good one btw. Being part of the system  clearly helped me achieve material success. But was I really happy? Was I.... ME?

However, things have changed over the past year. The arrival of my princess has changed my view of life. I can't hide behind this fa├žade any more.

So I decided to not be a hypocrite. If I don't like the system - I should fuck the system and move on.

In short - I have finally grown a pair of balls to do what I've been wanting to do all these years. Fear of not being able to survive has changed to desire to make things work at all costs.

So after 17.5 years - I finally can step out of this shadow and live the life that I want!