Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Food Glorious Food!

G.B. Shaw once said 'There is no sincere love than the love for food', oh how true those words mean to me. Food tends to dictate my life in many ways. People say we need to eat to live... but I say - Bollocks! we must live to eat for there is nothing more satisfying than to fill one's tummy!

So naturally I'm overweight and arguably borderline obese (if not already). This reminds me of the first few lines of my dad's speech during my wedding reception dinner many years ago that goes 'I watched Ruben grow from a tiny baby to a grown Man today; and I am still watching him GROW!!! Albeit horizontally. To this I replied in my speech later that night, 'Dad, my never-ending growth is thanks to the wonderful diet you have put me on since birth... the Seafood diet... you know, SEE the Food.. EAT it!!!!

So comes to this post. As you know, yer humble narrator enjoys a good cryptic treasure hunt during the weekends. Me team and I signed up for the #AllianzFoodieHunt2015 by #AllianzMalaysia that is scheduled to take place on 17 October 2015. Given the current haze situation and recent cancellation of public events, we are not sure if we will be hunting come the 17th or taking 50 different pictures from 50 different locations in KL and posting them up with the the hashtag '50 shades of grey hazily re-defined'.

Nonetheless, for this hunt, we were tasked to take on social media as part of the pre-hunt challenge. One of the challenge is to create a blogpost and gather about 100 likes, which led to this post which is suppose to be about our team #Team3EkorFoodie and about our favourite food that represents our team.

Our team have been hunting together for many years now. We enjoyed many funny moments, angry moments, genius moments, moronic moments, etc, etc. Most regular hunters can be described as being kiasu or perhaps extremely competitive. We are not. We tend to joke a lot and do non conventional things on hunts like stopping to eat nasi lemak for example. Some of us sleep during hunts and almost surely, some of us will be singing during hunts. We dont check our answers or spelling hence the infamous blue 'oppies' moment that cost us our first grandslam as novices some moons ago - but that's another story altogether.

To find a selfie with food that represents us was a toughie. Hence why this task that started on 25 Sept was only completed today. We decided to take a selfie of me eating McD burrger. So here you go!

Now why this picture? McD is a staple to our team on most hunts. Actually, its really my fault coz I always force us to stop whenever we see either McD or a nasi lemak vendor. As driver, I do have veto powers.

In truth, many McD and nasi lemak moments have helped us solved some of the more twisted puzzles. So I took to task to purchase McD and took a selfie with it this morning and shared the pic with me teammates. Then, Lenny - the real brains in our team, came up with this poem jokingly and I tot - hey - it does explain us and this hunt.. so WHY NOT!:

This burger is actually big, 
but relative to Ruben it is puny,
We're hunting without Kig,
So it's just Ruben, Fei and Lenny. 

Lets see how fast i reach 100 hits. Time to brush up my marketing skills!


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New beginnings

After some deliberation - I've finally decided to join the commercial world. Opening a restaurant now or diving full fledged into business might not be advisable given the current market condition. Commercial will give me the job and financial security that I have enjoyed all these years.

Its different here. The team functions like a family and everyone including the CEO treats each other like an equal; like family. This is no small 2 dollar company mind you. This is a large multinational with consolidated revenues running into 10 digits! It feels like what it was when I first joined PwC - minus all the redtape and nonsensical policies. So far - everyone's been real friendly and supportive. I should have joined the commercial world sooner if I knew it was going to be like this.

Though only have had a sneak peek of life in the commercial world thus far - I can see more pros than cons. Maybe I'm just lucky to have found this place.

Sure, the resources are a lil bit different and certain systems / databases are a bit more old school here but one thing's for sure, this team invest in its people. Better benefits by a mile and better pantry / coffee facilities (LOL).  The people here have made me feel like one of them oh so quickly. Which I think is very important to ensure job satisfaction. More importantly - it was the main thing lacking when I was still in public practice. Lucky or not - I'm grateful for this opportunity. I will always hold PwC dear to me, but this is what I want and thank God I have it!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Decision final!

I've stopped blogging for a while now. Firstly, nobody reads the shit I posts and secondly, my posts are filled with angst, depression, hate, #toomuchfuckingdrama.

I decided to post something today. Why? Reading my last post - i realised my life has not changed much in the last 3 years. The amount of hate for the system and the powers that be has remained the same.

Then - I stopped fighting the system and decided to comply like a faithful minion. This meant keeping my thoughts to myself. This ate me up further inside. I was merely a pretender - a good one btw. Being part of the system  clearly helped me achieve material success. But was I really happy? Was I.... ME?

However, things have changed over the past year. The arrival of my princess has changed my view of life. I can't hide behind this fa├žade any more.

So I decided to not be a hypocrite. If I don't like the system - I should fuck the system and move on.

In short - I have finally grown a pair of balls to do what I've been wanting to do all these years. Fear of not being able to survive has changed to desire to make things work at all costs.

So after 17.5 years - I finally can step out of this shadow and live the life that I want!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What's the point?

Have you ever been in a situation, where you feel that meetings to gather opinions are mere simulations of what has already been decided? Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that no matter what you do, it wont change a person's perception of you? So what do you do? Do you throw in the towel or take the bull by its horns? If you do the former - does it make you a quitter or does it mean taking your life in your own hands. If you do the latter does it make you a rebel or a revolutionist - one who stands firm on his/her principles. Or do you just maintain the status quo and fall prey to the system. The blasted system and the powers that be that rely on inaccurate facts from minions who are only good at profiling themselves and does not care for others. Then again, history has proven that only the selfish - succeed. So why care?

How much insult can a person stomach?

These questions plague my troubled mind. Its time like this is when i feel like i am nothing. So really - what's the point?

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Good taxpayers money

Dear all... project 88 is going slowly as expected as they are way tooo many distractions. I was at the clinic earlier as i'm currently suffering a bout of cough. The doctor weighed me and the verdict was 115. Sigh. Still a long way to go - but i'm sure i will get there.

I recently received an assessment from the IRB for like RM5k for YA2008. I went - WTF? will need to sort that out since i've already paid my taxes for YA2008.

Anyhow - back to the topic at hand. Its interesting where our taxdollars goes to. The recent 2011 budget announced another Bolehland project i.e. the Mega Tower. - Seriously - why the fuck do we need another 'mega' building which costs like 5billion bucks. Why can't we use those money to educate the people in the kampungs or improve the roads in the rural areas, etc.

I received an email today. Its clearly a forwarded mail which came with some pictures of Khir Toyo expense claims between 2004 and 2009. Now, i'm no expert and I cannot verify the authenticity of the pictures, but I must say that in my line of work where I would need to review various source documents such as payment vouchers, they do look like the real deal.

Based on those few vouchers, my emotions of hate and disgust reached boiling point. Its like rape of an innocent. I've said before that its only natural for politicians to benefit from their positions, but they as powers that be must know when to draw the line. What i saw was pure greed and selfishness. They were a bunch of travel claims to various locations. Some of which appears to be expensive - fucking expensive holidays which i doubt i'll ever get the benefit of enjoying.

To think that he had the nerve to 'play innocent' during an interview sometime back really pissed me off further. These are extracts of the said interview :

Q: People are shocked by the RM1.7mil spent for the Disney trips?

A: That was decided by the management. I am actually a very simple man. I do not ask for these kind of things. Maybe they said as a chairman, that is my entitlement and they did that.

Q: You say you are a simple man but people would disagree because you fly first class and stay at expensive presidential suites?

A: You must remember when I was the (PNSB) chairman. I have my entitlement. If I were to reduce my entitlement to what an officer gets then what is the officer going to reduce to? I am the chairman. There is the deputy chairman, board of directors, government officers going along. If I fly business class (not first class), then what happens to my state secretary? He will complain. If I am travelling alone it is easier. But I am travelling with a group of people and if I downgrade myself - it’s a problem for the others. But I never ask (for the pricey presidential suites or first class flights). Whatever they provide, I go along with. I just tell them to give me a full itinerary on these trips. I want a full programme with investors and companies.

Seriously guys - what's up with this moron?

Its interesting how he puts his claims as technical visits. Technical visits MY ASS motherfucker! There's a claim made to PNSB via Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd. This claim was for first class travel for his family + A class accommodation in Orlando Florida and the 'Disney Hotel' during the period of 23 December 2007 to 1 January 2008. Who the fuck are u trying to kid by claiming a 'technical visit' during the world's main holiday period at a very popular holiday destination? The trip including first class treatment for his family as well and u know what the bill came up to?


Monday, 25 October 2010

T minus 86

Guys guess what.... i think the bloody project is working! its been 2 days since i started the regime and i've dropped 2kgs! woo hoo... probably just water retention but its surely in the right direction.

from 117kgs - to 115kgs.

target remains - 90kg by 15.01.11

wish me luck guys

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Commencement of project 88

Dear folks, i've decided to use me blogspace to do a little project ala project julie/julia style. Basically, after all the nagging and comments received in the last few weeks, i've finally caved in and will do what i've been procasticating for over a decade.

But before that, a quick update. If you do read my sorry little excuse for bytes on the internet page, you would know that by now - i'm legally married to my beautiful wifey - Yvonne.

Liverpool has replaced the stupid yanks with a new one - not sure how that's gonna pan out - but i'm sure its better than keeping those 2 bozos. Personally - it would do alot of good to see liverpool get relegated. at least we could start fresh! another bright spark is that we won the match last nite against da rovers. it was a nail biting affair towards the end. nevertheless - its always about the result- and finally we got one. Though still 3rd from the bottom - i see better days ahead and i really dont think we'll be there much longer.

As for married life - its fantastic - apart from all the new responsibilities that come with it. Things like remodelling 2 small rooms can be a real task! gosh - i need a spot of jhonny just thinking about it... anyhow - with the ROM on 10.10.10 there were alot of pictures circulating mainly on fb. I was lucky to have the luxury of many friends with big cameras who volunteered to take some pictures for me. Hence - the many photos. I must say, from all that i've seen thus far - Dom's pics are the best. Do check out his page for some photos from the day. The reception dinner remains in January - which i'm really looking forward too!

Anyhow - i noted that almost EVERYONE commented on how fat i've become. I really couldn't be bothered - coz i'm fat and happy. alwiz been the case for perhaps the longest time. Then comes the questions - 'dude, are you gonna lose some weight?' and my reply has alwiz been the same - 'why'? it just wont be me right?

then of course, as you clean your room, u find the cupboard with all the pictures you have ever developed and realise - 'wtf. i was that thin??' then of course - your colleague (in this case rachel) finds some old photos from like 2-3 years ago and uploads them on fb and you see you face and go - gosh i was that small then?

thereafter - there's the wife that says - 'darling - we've got less than 2 months to prepare for the wedding (dinner)' which i interrupt to say 'no dear - we've got 3 months'....

then she snaps and says - 'dont get wise on me!'.. and that's when like any good husband - (I just roll my eyes and shut the fuck up)...

then she says 'we look so fat during our ROM'... 'we must lose weight and look fantabulous for the reception dinner'... and I go - 'what for?' just to gain it all back??? i thought to myself...

anyhow.... i must admit - i feel unhappy that i look like a fat walrus in a suit during my ROM. When i look back and see my old pictures and realise that - 'eh - maybe i'm in denial, maybe i just dont have what it takes and am ashamed / or more like I dont have the will power or i'm just a coward'.. or plain simply - i'm i really happy being fat?

then i reflect back - i used to be freaking fit. I loved running, sports, camping, etc, etc..... what happened? i can barely go up a flight of steps without gasping for air... where did that person go?

and now that i'm forever feeling sick - with the headaches, sinus attacks, palpatation, ezema, chronic sore throat - i really fear for my future. Now that i'm married - i must be responsible to ensure that I have a trouble free life so that i can take care of another (and hopefully some offsprings).... at least die trying....

apart from that - i eat like there's no tomorrow - i still smoke (though i'm proud to say that i'm a social smoker whereby i generally only smoke when i drink - which is not very often).... and i'm forever feeling tired... its really pathetic!

just last friday i went out salsa dancing. I had a couple of dances and then felt the air was thin. I had my head down and could barely catch my breath. now that's just not right. it was scary too.

so as of yesterday - i decided to commence project 88. 88 apart from being a very nice number for the chinese... it also represents 88 days to the reception dinner (from yesterday of course)...

For this project - i plan to lose as much weight as possible. I've set some targets which I've yet to finalise - like targeted weight loss, targeted sugar levels, etc, etc.... Once i've finalised them, i plan to monitor my progress on a chart which i hope to share it here.

So guys - i hope that I will do my best to lose all that weight and become fit again. Hence - project 88. 88 days to the reception dinner. 88 days to lose at least 20 kgs. 88 days to become healthier, lower sugar levels, better bp reading, better cholesterol readings, no more sore throat or nasal problems... etc... etc....

for the record - i've systematically brought all my levels down - but some are still borderline hence my preference to bring them down further....

so to do this - i'm gonna start my reducing my food intake..... no more organ meet (sob sob - i really love intestines and liver).... no more fatty food (no more curry puffs, vadais - fried stuff, etc)... no more binge eating (no more snacks)... no more ice cream (Nooooooooooooooooo)... reduce carbs (gosh this is gonna be tough since i LOVE rice!)... etc... etc

then i will commence phase 2 - havent figured that one out yet. but i guess it'll include some lifestyle changes like choice of eateries, exercise, less smoke, less drinkning, more sleep, etc, etc

Since i planned it yesterday - i havent really started. Besides I only thought of it like late at night - so there's no way i could've started yesterday.... :P... anyhow.... project 88 sounds better than project 87 right? lol....

so the healthy food regime commences today officially.... t-minus 87 days to a fitter better me!

see you at the finish line!