Monday, 10 December 2007

Are we living in a police state???

I dont get the whole Hindraf terrorist link

I dont get the arrests during the march yesterday

I dont get the whole 'protest are illegal' thing

I dont get the fact that 'gatherings' are illegal - peaceful or otherwise - hell i've seen loads of birthday gatherings that are less peaceful than the Hindraf, Bersih or yesterday's march all put together!!! on that note - guys dont come to my house for christmas... you'll never know if the cops are gonna arrest us for 'assemblying' illegally as we will 'be discussing politics' etc etc... as you know.. it would be dumb for me to obtain a 'permit' to hold a party... eh?

btw - when our forefathers march towards obtaining our country's independence - did they have a permit???

how the hell will this country exercise democracy if the powers that be arent practising it in the first place....