Sunday, 24 June 2007

what do men talk about during male bonding sessions?

Damn it man... i really must cut down on my drinking. I had way too much to drink last week. I drank so much till i only had a single mojito all nite during the Salsa 101 function. Imagine that, Ruben only having a single drink?

Btw - Salsa 101 was extremely fun. I never danced so much salsa in one nite before! If you wanna know more about salsa - email me!

I think i'm gonna quit beers for a while. I had way too many special brews during last Wed's blast at Carlsberg Brewery. (my friend invites me to the brewery to have free drinks every now and then)

Anyhow, the session was pretty much a male bonding session as it was basically 10 dudes sitting around a table downing beers and smoking cigarrettes. The people who invited me there are fairly rowdy, but nice people, working in the sales line. I was probably the only one that stuck out like a sore thumb. Not that it mattered, for i truly can mix with anybody. LOL.

During such sessions, what else is there to talk about apart from girls? think about it, 10 grown men, talking over rounds of beers. You think we're gonna talk about the latest gossip in tinsel town?

Its kinda lame, yadda yadda yadda, but lets face the fact, a bunch of pricks are not gonna chat about the latest episode of Heroes rite? (maybe i would *sheepish grin*) we are gonna talk about chicks and more chicks!

Basically, the conversation alwiz starts with cars and sports. However, just before the alcohol kicks in, guys will zoom into the most talked about topic ever - girls! Once the alcohol really kicks in.. then guys will talk about more SERIOUS stuffs like tits, other amazing parts of the female body created by our Creator and sex. Amen!

My problem with this bunch of dudes is that i dont speak cantonese, so i really couldnt join in the conversation. However, i do understand what's going on... so it was a pretty interesting discourse! From a quick conversation on cars, the topic heated up when we started talking about girls!

It was amazing, the way we (they - i don't do such stuff - lol) were swapping stories about the different girls they've tried and the pros and cons of each of em. I found it rather degrading yet interesting. Don't forget i am afterall a prick.

However, one topic really caught my attention was when a bunch of them started talking about them sharing certain girls. I seriously found this extremely degrading. I mean, how can u have sex with someone then tell ur friend about how good or poor she was at doing certain things, then advicing your friend to have a go????

What is your take on this? Have you ever SHARED a girl before? To be honest, i understand the concept of a sex buddy. Both have needs but both are non commitable. However, to share her with someone else? I think that's kinda lame. Bear in mind, in today's world, i've heard stories of girls swapping men!

Similarly, have you ever had a one-niter then tell your bro - hey, why don't u check her out, she gives good *********.

So guys, what is your take on this? Good, bad? ugly? degrading? personally, i cannot do such stuff. But it does make interesting conversation during drinks! Have you done such things before?

I admit, that i've done things that i'm not too proud of but i cannot see myself sharing a girl. So guys... feedback please?


aaesya smith said...

When a guy shags all the women in town, he's considered a "player".

When a woman shags all the men in town, she's considered a "slut".

Sadly, this stereotypical world is the world we live in. On the flip side, girls can definitely be more discreet than men and would not brag about their conquests. Who says women talk more?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

true true..agreed..unfortunately i have heard of all these "sluts" but yet to encounter any lar..

twice i got drag to clubbing..twice i cant even see lets not even go that the slut category..sigh sigh..

zewt said...

maybe it's time to pick up canto... you dunno what you're missing...