Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Somo - great place for Happyhours!

If you've never heard of Somo, i recommend you get your lazy ass off yer chair and head on down to Somo located in the Shoplex Mont Kiara (opposite Pines Condo). If you're not familiar with the Shoplex, well its basically the white building where Coffee Bean is located, the one diagonally across from Plaza Mount Kiara.

I love this place alot and have been going there fairly often of late. We discovered this place sometime back in late January. Somo's been in operation since November last year. I heard about it then as some of the ex-Broadwalk regulars (oh how i miss Broadwalk) were talking that some of the guys were gonna open up a pub in Kiara. Didn't realised it was Somo, if i did, i would've joined them there during opening and would have been a regular since day 1!!!!

Anyhow, thanks to Joe who wanted to review the place for his blog , we decided to go there . I was surprised to see familiar faces, i.e. Amrit and Andrew Lai (from the good ol' Broadwalk days). What surprised me further was that they own the damn joint!

Let me give you a quick review of the place.

1. Tables are well spaced.
2. Happyhour prices are phenomenal! (i get further discounts)
3. Non happyhour prices are also phenomenal!
4. Good selection of alcohol that are very reasonably priced. (good selection of jap/korean booze
5. Good mix of crowd. Never too crowded; never empty either. Just right!
6. Nice owners who'll sit and drink with you.
7. Loads of hot chicks on weekends. (aparently - gonna check it out tomorrow to be sure)
8. Workers are efficient.
9. Lite music that's not played too loud.
10. This really applies only to me... but so far, every trip there is reminiscent of the many glorious times spent at Barfly and Broadwalk. Its just like cheers - where everybody knows ur name!

1. Parking can be a bitch. Then again, if you arrive during the 6 - 6.30pm window, you should be able to get decent parking.
2. Food is decent. But its only Japanese food. I mean, when you're having beers, you need some proper beer food. Rite? I wont say the food is fantastic, but its definitely above average.
3. This also i think applies only to me - I find certain tables to be somewhat warm. but in general, given the fact that the place is open air (with numerous industrial fans) i think its not that bad. Definitely not as claustrophobic and suffocating as LAUNDRY.
4. Sad to say, this place doesnt have bar stools. Sob.
5. Also sad to note is the fact that the place doesnt have pilsner glasses. I mean, when you drink beer - it MUST be from a pilsner glass! They have the short ones though. bummer!

Other points to consider
I think the place is well decorated. Soft lights in the right places , loads of greeneries all around, different types of sitting options such as you have the cushion chairs, the coffee types, the bar table types, the sofa types, etc, etc, etc.

The toilet is also suitably located as its not too far to walk. Never a queue to pee and the toilet is perpetually CLEAN!!!! Toilet is very important to beer drinkers!!!!


Taking all the points above into consideration and weighing the pros and cons, this place is clearly a must. However, the ultimate litmus test will alwiz be the price vs the quality of the beers. Tiger beer is still the best conventional beer for me. I've tried more than 20 types of beers so far and still i rank Tiger as one of the best. Btw - my top 5 beers are as follows:

1. Schneider beer (bottle).... still the best beer I've EVER had!!!!
2. Guiness Stout (bottle).... How can u ever mess with the black gold?
3. Leffe [red] (bottle)...... I somehow like the red ones better... maybe its just the colour
4. Tiger beer..... Fell in love with tiger since the Brannigans days... my best tiger experience is
still the party in the tavern inTiger brewery in Tuas, Singapore.
5. Indian Pale Ale (IPA) by Brewerkz.... I can drink this all day i tell you...

So anyhow... back to the review... 2 jugs of fresh (not watered down) Tiger beers @ RM50 bucks... hey, why go anywhere else right?


I was there last night with Wee Chuen. Just two blokes chillin. We spent more than what Andrew, Soon Hoe and I spent the night before at 80s Dreams. The 2 of us did justice to the world of drinking by consuming 2 jugs of Tigers and a bottle of 12 years Macallan Single Highland Malt whiskey. Not too much, not too little - Just right!

I'll be doing Somo again tomorrow. If you are interested, do join me. I'll probably do another round of review of Somo , this time with some pictures (need to put in alot of pictures man). Lol - that is of course i'm sober enough to take pictures. Apart from Somo, i plan to go for some salsa dancing tomorrow at Little Havana. I hope i wont be too sloshed to dance.

Oh heavens, look at the time. Its time for all of you to shut down your pcs and head on to a pub near you for work begins now from 5-9 - HAPPYHOURS!

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"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

woohoo!!! somo is the way to go!!! yeah i took my camera..time to camwhore to for my somo review also..oh yeah can we take some pics of the beer girls for our blog sells..