Sunday, 17 June 2007

Murphy's law

I hate Mr Murphy and his stupid laws!

I was at Havana Estudio today to lepak once more. Its becoming to be a Sunday ritual to me now. I've been affiliated with Havana Estudio for the past 10 months or so, but i have never been there just to lepak. Anna always asked me to lepak there with her, but seriously, there must be life outside salsa rite? However, since the accident, i missed salsa alot. As I cannot attend classes for the moment, i miss it even more.

Since Pauline joined salsa, she's always asked me to join her there on Sundays to basically practice with her. So finally one day, on Anna's and Pauline's request... i decided to go. This was like about a month back.

My intentions were plain and simple, to see me salsa folks and also to practice (since i've yet to use my new pair of jazz shoes). It was kinda amazing to just sit there and watch Sien Yen's class. There were doing routines that i have forgotten and i silently practice during their class.

In terms of practicing, studio 3 is was too small for all the intermediates to cramp in during the afternoons. So i normally just play with my shoes and practice a few moves at the reception area that overlooks studio 1 - Sien Yen's class.

However, the highlight of lepakking there is to catch up with close friends such as Pauline and Serena and to basically catch up with the salsa crew like Anna, Ian, Micheal, Ace, Steven, Xiao Sun, etc. I never thought i would say this, but i do enjoy just sitting at Devi's corner... chatting with them. Don't get me wrong, i like my salsa friends, just that they only talk about salsa! But to be honest, i enjoy talking about salsa and dancing too! *sheepish giggle*

Murphy's law incident no 1

Today was like no other. I spent most of it catching up with Serena. The main gang was sitting at a pretty huge table so i was like a bit malas to layan so many people. So Serena and I sat at a different table. Later on, Mary-Anna dn Mike joined us.

Btw... i finally made up my mind, i will attend the Salsa 101 party this Saturday.

It was getting late so we decided to go. The main gang were getting prepared to attend the Viennese Waltz thingy, so we also decided to go home. so after saying goodbye to Serena.. i walked back up to the studio to purchase the salsa 101 ticket... when i got to the glass door, i could here Sam's voice but no one was there to open the door.. BUMMER! after 15 minutes of frantic knocking on the glass door and ringing of the doorbell.. i finally gave up and made my way down to my car... There comes Sherie with the keys to the studio... i was already about to start my engine so i didnt bother. Will probably call Sam or Aisha to reserve a ticket for me.

Whatever la.. i think salsa 101 will be pretty cool.. so see you there!

Murphy's incident no 2

After that fiasco.. i headed over to hartamas to make payments at a particular bank that has the cash deposit thingy. So i withdrew cash from Maybank... and walked to the other bank. I was 3rd in queue. The second guy took a really long like, so after 20 minutes or so... he walked out. When it came to my turn, the freaking machine read 'TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE'. i should have take a picture of it and placed in here. I swear to you, i nearly wanted to break the machine man...

BUMMER.... so i got back to my car and headed over to the Mall to get a haircut.

Murphy's incident no 3

At the mall, i made my way upstairs towards the saloon. Since i needed to get some stuff from the pharmacy as well, i decided to make a quick stop at Watson. I noticed that the saloon was still open for customers so i knew that its better to pit stop at Watson before i go and cut my hair as Watson may close before my hair is done. I did my shopping at Watson and then proceeded upstairs only to see my hairdresser locking up. I asked her, why close so early? She said since no customers walked-in in the last 30 minutes, she decided to close 30 minutes earlier.. THE IRONY!

Murphy's incident no 4

On my way home, i wanted to call Joanne Lee to see if she wanted to do dinner at that lamb place near her house. However, since i was near pasar road area, i thought of having the pork mix soup in that area. Instead of turning onto the road leading to pasar road, i drove onto the highway leading to cheras. How ingenious!

Then 5 minutes ago, whilst chatting with Joanne on msn... she tells me she was there having dinner with her colleagues at the damn pork mix stall in pasar road area. She even had the pretty awesome porridge there. So cacat rite?


Anyhow... if u have have had any such ironic incidents to share, do share ya... till the next, hope you enjoyed reading another page in the life of SLACKER.

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