Sunday, 1 July 2007

Boogie Wonderland

Last Saturday, we had one of em boys nite out. It was originally meant to celebrate both Andrew's and my birthday. However, this year we didnt feel like having a party like we normally do, so we just wanted a few guys out for some drinks. We didnt plan anything, just wanted to keep it impromptu.

Anyhow, it was just the 4 of us, Andrew, Soon Hoe, Chris and myself. We were having dinner at some kopitiam in Cheras wondering where to go and came up with a few suggestions. The funniest suggestion was going to Neway Cheras for karaoke. The thought of it was damn GAY man. Four 29 year old boys going to a karaoke just to SING SONGS! WTF? As much as i enjoy karaokes, i'm not going to go karaoke with boys. Furthermore to celebrate my birthday? No way are they gonna Gay up my birthday man!

But the funny incident that ensued was during a moment of silence in the car, Soon Hoe started singing some Karaoke tunes. So what did we do? we started karaoke-ing in the CAR of course. No way are we gonna karaoke at NEWAY. not 4 dudes!

We finally decided to go over to Samantha's for some pool. We thought having some happy hour beers would be a good way to start the night. We chose the place coz we know the owners and also their sister pub '80s Dream' (located just above Samantha's) does have a single karaoke set that we have been known to conquer during one of our many drunken stupor nites. So we did plan to Gay up our nite after all!

After having some drinks and pool, we finally said lets head down to a club and check out some chicks. So i suggested this new club called Sunshine on heritage row. I've been there once, but only briefly. Was there the 2 Fridays ago to meet up with Kheng Lin from Penang. She was down for the weekend and I so badly wanted to see her, even if it was just for a bit. Anyhow, what led me to suggest Sunshine was the fact that they played retro music.

FINALLY a club that plays RETRO music on weekends! WOO HOO! It was so boogie wonderland man!

The place is pretty nice. Well air-conditioned. The crowd a bit odd though. But the music and prices was worth the trip down to town. There's something magical about retro music. I don't know what it is, but whenever i hear it, i get happy feet.

Most of you would know that i'm not a big fan of clubbing yet people call me to go clubbing virtually every weekend (and weekdays). Furthermore, i'm not the dancing type. Unless its salsa of course! I only go clubbing if its with my crazy clubbing mates. The problem is, i have way too many crazy clubbing mates!

Anyhow, the point i'm trying to get at is, whenever retro music plays, i'll start to DANCE. It was so weird man coz way before the drinks arrived, i was already dancing. It was a pretty gay sight if you were to think of it la, but i dont care man. Retro music rawks!

I still find mambo's original DJ to play the best selection of retro and the DJs at MOS' studio 54 never disappoints! But this DJ, though not too experienced, played a decent mix.

I think i'll go to Sunshine every now and then. Infact, am thinking of heading down there this weekend!

Me and 80s music and Sunshine is just like that Jackson 5 hit'

Don't blame it on sunshine,
Don't blame it on moonlight,
Don't blame it on good times,
Blame it on the boogie!



"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

we have yet to go karaoke lar..

Anonymous said...

is the place really decorated in pink all??.. or am i once again conned? ='P

SLACKER said...

not decorated in pink la... just some pinkish neon lights up front... its a nice chill out place... if u want to find out more, do drop me a mail

Anonymous said...

grumps told me the place is all pink... ='P

SLACKER said...

woi.... grumps told you??? i went there with grumps that day.... and trust me... its not pink.... who are you la? Joyce?

btw - am gonna celebrate me birthday tomorrow @ Somo... and gonna do Mambo on weds!

AngryYoungChild said...

Happy birthday!

SLACKER said...

AYC - thanks! really appreciate it..