Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Virgin Post

I guess its about time your humble narrater crossed over to blogspot instead of friendster to rant, bitch and wallow in further self pity for the sake of entertaining you morons. Ever since friendster's been firewall-ed (like sometime last year), i have been blogging less. Being the loyal fool that i am, i didnt want to cross over (though i already had an account with blogger) as i felt that friendster was a faithful servant (it still is). However, there have been one too many 'oh gawd, i hafta blog this now - but can't' instances that i finally decided to set up a new one here. Too many 'i'm gonna blog soon' and given my procastinistic nature, I end up never blogging and when i do, its normally this long ass long winded piece of literature shite that's not worth reading (yet i'm sure they entertain some of you morons)!

I was reading some old posts on my friendsters' blog and realised that it was kinda depressing. So i'll probably keep that one to bitch about how pathetic I make my life to be.

This blog is gonna be a little different. I've been reading way too many food blogs, techie blogs, movie blogs, etc, etc... i want this blog to cover it all. Apart from cronicling my nonsensical emotional roller coaster life, i want to share my view on every god damn thing that comes to mind. Anyhow, i miss blogging daily. It was a great escape from work then and i need to escape from work now.

With that, your humble narrater ends this short virgin post welcoming all to the Realm of the Endless.

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