Monday, 14 January 2008

New Year - same shit

Dear all, I do humbly apologise for being such a poor blogger. Its been a while since I've been surfing from blog to blog, yet alone blog meself. Well, blogging has been for me a great escape from work. As I havent been in office since Christmas, there is nothing to escape from!

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all. I was celebrating and partying virtually everyday since the eve of Hari Raya Haji. It was great time off with the numerous gatherings. However, I must admit that being on leave - doesnt necessarily mean a jolly good time. I spent many a days running errands such as the never-ending problems with my car, banking, etc, etc.

I return to the office tomorrow. Not sure if i remember how to work. But return to work i must!

During the festive season, there were many great parties of note. My favourite was probably Andrew T'ng's house warming and the nighty activities en route to New Year's Eve!

However, what has brought me to blog tonight is to highlight a few things that have been on my mind of late.

Firstly - the sorry state of affairs with my beloved Liverpool Football club. For a team that host such big names ; so many national players, we have had very dismal showing of late. The unfortunate draw away to Man City, the stupid draw at home to Birmingham and of course the nonsensical 1-1 result in the FA Cup.

I've been a big fan of Rafa. However, I do think he has lost the plot. I am a hopeless romantic who's loyalty (i believe) is second to none. I was upset when Daglish resigned, was upset the Roy Evans left, and felt that Houlier deserved another season. But who am I kidding? Rafa's stubborness to field the right team has led me to many frustrating football nights. It is a miracle that inspite of all this, we're still 4th in the league.

I still stand firm that Rafa is not about only winning Cups. I'm sure the premiership is on his mind. However, he must stop rotating. the squad is not good enough to play too many combinations. Its ok i guess to tinker 1 or 2 players from match to match. However to change an average of 4-5 players is completely nonsensical. It may have worked at Valencia - but it sure as hell not working in the EPL.

Secondly - is the sorry state of affairs of Malaysian Politics. Its sad that there really isnt any political party that deserves to lead Malaysia. However, I think its time for BN to step down and stop bullying the country, let alone lead it to self destruction.

We have to stop them from having a 2/3 majority. I dont want my 'Tanahku tercinta' become the next Pakistan or something.

We proudly boast 50 years of independence. Do you know that a country that young, has amended the constitution a total of 690 times? Come on! That's almost 14 times a year. We complain about The United States of America being a bias country filled with corruption, etc. but a country with more than 200 years of independence, they have only amended its constitution 27 times! Lets not look so far. Singapore has only amended its constitution 4 times. So why the fuck do we need to amend ours 690 fucking times?

Let me tell you why. The amendments provides the powers that be - MORE POWER. its almost ABSOLUTE POWER. Are we living in a republic? I know, i know. Some countries have it worse. FOr instance in China - Loyalty to the government is FORCED upon. But do we want to go down that route under the guise of Democracy???

I dont need to explain further what these amendments have done for our country. You can read them in so many blogs.


Ok, enough ranting. I think i wanna take a shower and get ready for bed. Hopefully, your humble narrator will return to his little realm and waste more space in cyberspace regularly once more. Until then, i bid you adieu!

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