Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Pak la la la la la

March 8 is just around the corner. Are you a registered voter? I know I AM NOT.... yes i'm a typical Malaysian born with the 'tidak apa' attitude. I've been talking on and on about wanting to finally vote... till i forgot to register.

Yes i am the greatest hypocrite!

However, that wont stop me from bloggin about voting. You see, the state of affairs in the country is getting worse. To be frank and honest, there's no party worthy of running this country. If you dont believe me.. do check out each party's manifesto.

Anyhow..... I never thought I would hear myself say this, let alone type this out.. I wish The Tun was still in power. I mean, to a certain extend, I do believe it is his fault that the racial divide in this country has grown.

He was the man who deliberately had a Chinese chauffeur and in 1969 declared that he didnt need chinese votes to win. Naturally he lost to the PAS candidate.

The great Tun was also the guy who wrote the book 'The Malay Dilemma'... which he sought to explain the causes of the May 13 Incident and the reasons for the Malays' lack of economic progress within their own country. He then proposed a politico-economic solution in the form of "constructive protection", worked out after careful consideration of the effects of heredity and evironmental factors on the Malay race.

Once again I have to say as I've mentioned in many blogs before... since when is Malaysia for Malays? shouldnt it be for MALAYSIANs???? As mentioned before also, how sure are we that Malays were here first????

Anyhow, back to the book.... do you know that part of the book forms the basis of Malaysia's NEP????

Inspite of all his inadequacies.. i guess the Tunku was a better leader..... and did the right thing to fuck the Tun up back in the days.

Anyhow..... inspite of all that, I do admire the Tun. He fought so passionately in what he believed in. He is man who has guts. He'll tell the white man to Fuck Off and mind your own business....

More importantly... he cared about the country... between the late 80s and late 90s, he did afterall improve Malaysia in so many ways. During this period, growth averaged over ten percent and living standards rose twentyfold, with poverty relatively almost eradicated and social indicators such as literacy levels and infant mortality rates becoming almost on par with developed countries.

Malaysia became a high-tech manufacturing, financial and telecommunication hub. Great initiatives such as Perwaja, Proton and Astro have helped Malaysia in so many ways.

However, these projects have serious issues. One has a corrupted boss, the other had to be bailed by Petronas the last one... well we all love Astro dont we?

He does love the country and embarked on many large scale national projects the North-South Expressway (don't you just love it?).... MSC... KLIA... Twin Towers, Sepang... Putrajaya... Cyberjaya.....

Although I still feel that the money used could have been used for better reasons... however, to a certain degree, these projects have put us on the World Map....

What i respect most about him is that he was Mat Cool during the 1997 financial crisis.... Stupid George fucked us.... and we desperately needed IMF and the World Bank to bail us out... but the Tun told them to fuck off... as he knew best... lets be frank.. we did recover faster than expected.... and apart from Singapore... i think we're pretty alrite... as compared to our neighbours in the region...

All and all.. he did alot for the country... but he was a stubborn man... he had alot of flaw... made alot of mistakes.. but he did more good than bad...

what can we say about his balless successor?????

here's what my favourite Malaysian comedians have to say.....

Happy Voting y'all


anfield devotee said...

Pls drop by me blog to see a great vid of a fabulous orator at work. The Anwar ceramah was filmed a few nites ago, so its still hot.

Pls watch it as its fooking hilarious as well, esp his Samy accents!

You can still do yer part by forwarding this video to as many people as possible.

Perhaps to make up fer yer non-registartion, you can volunteer as DAP or PKR campaign worker. You'll be actively participating in the democratic process even though no 'X' from you.

Dr M - he started this shit la. Everything from racial tension to cronyism, the seeds were planted & nurtured during his regime.

SLACKER said...

i have already put my name down as a volunteer for DAP....

I agree that Dr M started it all... but at least he took care of affairs.... what has badawi done? jack shit in my opinion... that includes our beloved astronaut