Thursday, 1 May 2008

kudos to chelsea

I'm still stunned by the result at the bridge. I was confident that Liverpool would settle the tie, but Chelsea came storming out and are deserved winners. At least Rafa finally got a goal at the bridge.

I'm a huge Riise fan, however i must say he fucked up over the 2 games. Firstly, if he didnt score in the last match, we would've have had the advantage going into this morning's match. 2ndly, he failed to mark Drogba which i feel led to Chelsea's first goal. However, I still feel that Liverpool were hard done by the fact that Kalou was clearly a yard offside when he received the ball from Lamps. 3rdly, he also failed to mark Anelka which led to Chelsea's 3rd goal....

To me, he is still a phenomenal player, but 1 that has forgetten 'how to be a left back'.

It looks like Rafa might be leaving Liverpool after another embarrassing season. Though i think he should stay for just 1 more season. Hopefully less talk and complaints and bring back the trophies.

What's interesting is the fact that virtually the entire 'England' team played in the quarterfinals of the champions league. and more than half played in the semifinals. Come 21st May, 3 of the England's back 4 will be on showcase, 4 England midfielders and an English striker will be playing in the Champions' league finals. This season, the top 2 teams in Europe are from England. 3 English team in the top 4 and all 4 english teams in the top 8. The fact that the 2 finalist are locked on points at the top of the EPL must only mean that England is damn fucking good team.

Right...??? England is so fucking good at football that it refuses to play in this summer's European Cup.

I've said this many times... I think England Football team SUCKS!.... They're not good enough for Europe however the EPL is bossing the Champions' league this season. Ain't that amazing?


anfield devotee said...

If only Scotland had made it . . .

anfield devotee said...

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