Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Good taxpayers money

Dear all... project 88 is going slowly as expected as they are way tooo many distractions. I was at the clinic earlier as i'm currently suffering a bout of cough. The doctor weighed me and the verdict was 115. Sigh. Still a long way to go - but i'm sure i will get there.

I recently received an assessment from the IRB for like RM5k for YA2008. I went - WTF? will need to sort that out since i've already paid my taxes for YA2008.

Anyhow - back to the topic at hand. Its interesting where our taxdollars goes to. The recent 2011 budget announced another Bolehland project i.e. the Mega Tower. - Seriously - why the fuck do we need another 'mega' building which costs like 5billion bucks. Why can't we use those money to educate the people in the kampungs or improve the roads in the rural areas, etc.

I received an email today. Its clearly a forwarded mail which came with some pictures of Khir Toyo expense claims between 2004 and 2009. Now, i'm no expert and I cannot verify the authenticity of the pictures, but I must say that in my line of work where I would need to review various source documents such as payment vouchers, they do look like the real deal.

Based on those few vouchers, my emotions of hate and disgust reached boiling point. Its like rape of an innocent. I've said before that its only natural for politicians to benefit from their positions, but they as powers that be must know when to draw the line. What i saw was pure greed and selfishness. They were a bunch of travel claims to various locations. Some of which appears to be expensive - fucking expensive holidays which i doubt i'll ever get the benefit of enjoying.

To think that he had the nerve to 'play innocent' during an interview sometime back really pissed me off further. These are extracts of the said interview :

Q: People are shocked by the RM1.7mil spent for the Disney trips?

A: That was decided by the management. I am actually a very simple man. I do not ask for these kind of things. Maybe they said as a chairman, that is my entitlement and they did that.

Q: You say you are a simple man but people would disagree because you fly first class and stay at expensive presidential suites?

A: You must remember when I was the (PNSB) chairman. I have my entitlement. If I were to reduce my entitlement to what an officer gets then what is the officer going to reduce to? I am the chairman. There is the deputy chairman, board of directors, government officers going along. If I fly business class (not first class), then what happens to my state secretary? He will complain. If I am travelling alone it is easier. But I am travelling with a group of people and if I downgrade myself - it’s a problem for the others. But I never ask (for the pricey presidential suites or first class flights). Whatever they provide, I go along with. I just tell them to give me a full itinerary on these trips. I want a full programme with investors and companies.

Seriously guys - what's up with this moron?

Its interesting how he puts his claims as technical visits. Technical visits MY ASS motherfucker! There's a claim made to PNSB via Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd. This claim was for first class travel for his family + A class accommodation in Orlando Florida and the 'Disney Hotel' during the period of 23 December 2007 to 1 January 2008. Who the fuck are u trying to kid by claiming a 'technical visit' during the world's main holiday period at a very popular holiday destination? The trip including first class treatment for his family as well and u know what the bill came up to?


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