Sunday, 24 October 2010

Commencement of project 88

Dear folks, i've decided to use me blogspace to do a little project ala project julie/julia style. Basically, after all the nagging and comments received in the last few weeks, i've finally caved in and will do what i've been procasticating for over a decade.

But before that, a quick update. If you do read my sorry little excuse for bytes on the internet page, you would know that by now - i'm legally married to my beautiful wifey - Yvonne.

Liverpool has replaced the stupid yanks with a new one - not sure how that's gonna pan out - but i'm sure its better than keeping those 2 bozos. Personally - it would do alot of good to see liverpool get relegated. at least we could start fresh! another bright spark is that we won the match last nite against da rovers. it was a nail biting affair towards the end. nevertheless - its always about the result- and finally we got one. Though still 3rd from the bottom - i see better days ahead and i really dont think we'll be there much longer.

As for married life - its fantastic - apart from all the new responsibilities that come with it. Things like remodelling 2 small rooms can be a real task! gosh - i need a spot of jhonny just thinking about it... anyhow - with the ROM on 10.10.10 there were alot of pictures circulating mainly on fb. I was lucky to have the luxury of many friends with big cameras who volunteered to take some pictures for me. Hence - the many photos. I must say, from all that i've seen thus far - Dom's pics are the best. Do check out his page for some photos from the day. The reception dinner remains in January - which i'm really looking forward too!

Anyhow - i noted that almost EVERYONE commented on how fat i've become. I really couldn't be bothered - coz i'm fat and happy. alwiz been the case for perhaps the longest time. Then comes the questions - 'dude, are you gonna lose some weight?' and my reply has alwiz been the same - 'why'? it just wont be me right?

then of course, as you clean your room, u find the cupboard with all the pictures you have ever developed and realise - 'wtf. i was that thin??' then of course - your colleague (in this case rachel) finds some old photos from like 2-3 years ago and uploads them on fb and you see you face and go - gosh i was that small then?

thereafter - there's the wife that says - 'darling - we've got less than 2 months to prepare for the wedding (dinner)' which i interrupt to say 'no dear - we've got 3 months'....

then she snaps and says - 'dont get wise on me!'.. and that's when like any good husband - (I just roll my eyes and shut the fuck up)...

then she says 'we look so fat during our ROM'... 'we must lose weight and look fantabulous for the reception dinner'... and I go - 'what for?' just to gain it all back??? i thought to myself...

anyhow.... i must admit - i feel unhappy that i look like a fat walrus in a suit during my ROM. When i look back and see my old pictures and realise that - 'eh - maybe i'm in denial, maybe i just dont have what it takes and am ashamed / or more like I dont have the will power or i'm just a coward'.. or plain simply - i'm i really happy being fat?

then i reflect back - i used to be freaking fit. I loved running, sports, camping, etc, etc..... what happened? i can barely go up a flight of steps without gasping for air... where did that person go?

and now that i'm forever feeling sick - with the headaches, sinus attacks, palpatation, ezema, chronic sore throat - i really fear for my future. Now that i'm married - i must be responsible to ensure that I have a trouble free life so that i can take care of another (and hopefully some offsprings).... at least die trying....

apart from that - i eat like there's no tomorrow - i still smoke (though i'm proud to say that i'm a social smoker whereby i generally only smoke when i drink - which is not very often).... and i'm forever feeling tired... its really pathetic!

just last friday i went out salsa dancing. I had a couple of dances and then felt the air was thin. I had my head down and could barely catch my breath. now that's just not right. it was scary too.

so as of yesterday - i decided to commence project 88. 88 apart from being a very nice number for the chinese... it also represents 88 days to the reception dinner (from yesterday of course)...

For this project - i plan to lose as much weight as possible. I've set some targets which I've yet to finalise - like targeted weight loss, targeted sugar levels, etc, etc.... Once i've finalised them, i plan to monitor my progress on a chart which i hope to share it here.

So guys - i hope that I will do my best to lose all that weight and become fit again. Hence - project 88. 88 days to the reception dinner. 88 days to lose at least 20 kgs. 88 days to become healthier, lower sugar levels, better bp reading, better cholesterol readings, no more sore throat or nasal problems... etc... etc....

for the record - i've systematically brought all my levels down - but some are still borderline hence my preference to bring them down further....

so to do this - i'm gonna start my reducing my food intake..... no more organ meet (sob sob - i really love intestines and liver).... no more fatty food (no more curry puffs, vadais - fried stuff, etc)... no more binge eating (no more snacks)... no more ice cream (Nooooooooooooooooo)... reduce carbs (gosh this is gonna be tough since i LOVE rice!)... etc... etc

then i will commence phase 2 - havent figured that one out yet. but i guess it'll include some lifestyle changes like choice of eateries, exercise, less smoke, less drinkning, more sleep, etc, etc

Since i planned it yesterday - i havent really started. Besides I only thought of it like late at night - so there's no way i could've started yesterday.... :P... anyhow.... project 88 sounds better than project 87 right? lol....

so the healthy food regime commences today officially.... t-minus 87 days to a fitter better me!

see you at the finish line!


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