Thursday, 18 October 2007


i just got read this from zewt's blog... please take the time to read this post. If it doesnt upset you... i'm gonna smack you!


anfield devotee said...

everything & I mean EVERYTHING is used fer fooking political mileage in this country. Nurlin case - some sad fook has to suggect prosecuting the parents as if they haven't suffered enough.

Some murder suspects arrested happen to be black & immediately there's a Ku Klux Klan rally in the area organised by local right-wing party (BN).

Incredible but true - we Malaysians have truly become utterly stupid. Y'see people will be upset by the story yet do NOTHING about it.

U still gonna refrain from voting?

zewt said...

hahahaha... done any smacking yet?

by the way... like what anfield devotee said... are u going to refrain from smoking????

SLACKER said...

i'll keep smoking... but i still wont vote!

aaesya smith said...

This issue is so close to heart. My cousin passed away. She drowned. And now my aunt is suing the government. I sincerely hope that they would win.