Wednesday, 17 October 2007

FB blues.....

Sigh....... if you're wondering why i havent been blogging.... well, there are 4 very logical explanations.

1. I do have alot of work.
2. I have been busy clearing up my room. (its finally clean! - sort of)
3. Been busy drinking every nite.
4. Facebook!

I do have alot of work
I am the original Slacker. Long before the movie or the comic character, I was the Slacker God! Slacker has been me nickname since i was in primary school. It all started when when a teacher called me so (as I was caught sleeping in class), and the boys in my school started teasing me with that title. They obviously didnt know what it meant. But i loved it. It made sense.

Many years on.... I'm the dude who slept trought secondary school and college. In fact, i sleep in office almost everyday.

Anyhow, back to the fact that i do have alot of work... as some of you already know, i've been contemplating my future in this career path alot recently. I think i'll do better in sales or marketing and surely a success business (as proven before).

As I was very undecided on what to do, I became a Grade A Slacker in office. I almost virtually did jack all at work for months until the news about me passing me ACCA caught the attention of the bosses. Prior to that, my bosses were trying to counsel me out, now they are giving me quality work to prove my worth. Furthermore, rival firms have come a knocking on my door. Therefore, i do have work, and alot of it! As such, i dont have much time to blog.

I have been busing clearing up my room
From my previous posts, you guys know that i was then in the process of cleaning up my room. Since i'm such a slacker, i probably spend an hour a day cleaning up my room, but another 6hours watching Dvds....

anyhow... its OVER... its CLEAR.... I CAN BREATE and see the end of the room! there's plenty of space to get to the bathroom. in fact you can dance your way there instead of having to squeeze through.... woo hoo....

It was quite a tall order for me to discard many 'precious' items... but once u found heart to throw away '1' item... the rest is really easy! (however, i do miss certain items) sigh

Been busy drinking everynight
As most of you know, my biggest hobby at the moment is probably drinking. Its some biological defect in me construction that allows me to consume so much alcohol. I'm not bragging but I think i can outdrink alot of people. The irony is, i dont drink alot to challenge people (in fact, i dont challenge people at all, but i never back out of a challenge).... I drink alot because i naturally do drink alot. In fact, I drink on average about 5-6 litres of water a day and i do drink em very fast. Each water break i take equates to the consumption of 500 mls of water... and i drink that much like in a matter of seconds.

Similarly.. i drink alcohol real fast... and the more i drink, the thirstier i get. Funny thing is, no matter how tired i am, once a bit of alcohol gets into me body, I BECOME ALIVE... just like frankenstien! as proven during the rainforest festival and salsa festivals i attended recently (and have yet to blog about)

Anyhow, i've been drinking everyday for some time now. Its ironic cause I dont want to, let alone do i call for a booze up, however, friends call me almost every day for a 'quick one'.

I hope to find some time to blog about me recent alcoholic adventures.... as there's loads of laughs... plenty of scandals... loads of pics to share!

Ok ok ok... the truth as to why i havent been blogging much of late is because i am so freaking addicted to facebook. if you dont know what it is well just click here. I've been a member for some time now, but havent really used it. Until my cousins who were down from London recently (bout 3 weeks back) said that it was the best way for us to stay connected. So i decided to revive my membership. Next thing you know, I was so freaking hooked!

Its a medium similar to 'friendster', cept that its much more user friendly, better interface and more fun applications. Through facebook, i'm met so many friends from past and present. Its amazing. Furthermore, the applications such as 'funwall', 'pokes', 'messages', 'photo tagging', etc, etc... keeps everyone in the loop of things. Of all their functions, i find the 'photo tagging' to be extremely good. As I get to know who's who and it sorts of leads me to their relevant pages. Furthermore, i get to see pictures of ME... woo hoo!

Through facebook, i finally met up with me long lost 'kai mui' whom i've not seen in years. Met up with my friend's cousin who 'poked' me on facebook. I havent seen that girl since the day i met her exactly 1 year ago. I've met up with so many people based in Malaysia or abroad. Its way way fun... This interface also makes the sharing of information very easy indeed. U can start a very user friendly discussion thread or forum through a simple click of the mouse.

Lastly, you get to challenge your friends to loads of online games such as scrabbles, chess, reversi and even some no brainers (yet i keep winning) like the simple game of 'rock-paper-scissors'. All and all... i'm addicted to facebook.

However, sad to say... the fuckers in IT fucking banned the site. WHAT THE FUCK? IT WAS MY MOMENT OF SANITY DURING WORKING HOURS (before the pubs).... sigh.... I HATE THE BASTARDS IN IT.... come on..... un-firewall it la.. we need to escape every now and then.... sigh....

btw - if you guys are on facebook... look me up and poke me or bodyslam me or something - ruben enba.


on another note.... JOSE FOR ENGLAND! muahhhaaa... i'm quite sure you footie fans will know what i mean! hmm... i think that shall be the title of my next post!


anfield devotee said...

yup, it would be good fer eng. But they won't do it precisely because it is the right thing to do . . .

jolcy said...

wakakakaka... our poor blogs.. seems like our blogs are abandoned partly cos of FB.. :P