Tuesday, 17 November 2009

About salsa and babies....

If my blog was my child and each post represents each meal i feed him/her, it would mean that i really suck as a parent. My last post being on 9 September and today being the 17 of Nov shows that my kid hasnt eaten in about 9 weeks. Thank God me blog is no kid of mine and i'm no father.... However, I am an uncle! That's right, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 7 October 2009. So guys say hello to my nephew ... 'Master Seth Arjuna'.

Yep, that's the crazy uncle with his unkept hair, still in working attire although it was like late at night. Oh, and that's the little baby.... isn't he just simply gorgeous??

Ah, here's a better picture of the little angel without the crazy uncle. Me friend Dom labelled this picture as 'the little torpedo head'.... maybe i'll start calling him that when he grows up. So little kid, say HELLO TO THE WORLD my dear Seth Arjuna. With lots of love, your crazy Uncle.

Now to the salsa bit. No not the sauce, the dance.


One of the few reasons why i don't blog so often is because there's just no time. In the past, I used to blog and read blogs during office hours. However of late, I can't seem to find any 'me' time at work and I'm resigned to the fact that my only blog time are those of seeking info on the next treasure hunts. Yes treasure hunts is my latest passion. This is the first year that I decided to hunt on a regular basis and i think we've been doing well. Winning a couple of hunts, beating masters, making money; its all in a day's work. Can't wait for the next one this weekend.

Back to salsa. i just returned late last night from Singapore. I was there for the Singapore International Salsa Festival 2009. It was a fantastic event with international greats such as Mario, Albert Torres, Imagen Latina, Sabor Colombiano, Pretty Boyz and Girlz, Masacote, U Tribe and Pablo and Diyana. What was extra great about it was the fact that I was part of the Havana Estudio performance team. I must say that it was a great experience and extremely nerve wrecking.

Its my second congress/festival related performance and my 4th in public. However, this was the first time out of Malaysia and first time i wore so much PINK! Even if our performance sucked, it was perhaps my proudest moment yet.

Here's a quick montage of our performance.

And here's a montage us fooling around back stage....

And lastly - how can we not include the 'happy family pic'.... TEAM HAVANA ESTUDIO!

With em wide smiles on me face, its obvious that i was a happy camper and extremely proud of our performance. It was a great experience and one i'll remember for a long time. The rest of the festival was great too... LOL.. and the New Swing Sextet were awesome on stage! How not to dance to em cool jazzy groovy numbers?

Ok - before me signs off, please check out the video below. Its the video of our performance. Its not a very good angle. However, when i do get the rest of the pictures and videos, I'll upload more here.

Till the next!


Dizzyjules said...

LOL u really got the my-pardner-knocked-me-in-the-chin bit covered up very nicely!!

It's amazing how a little adrenaline could make us all so synchronised :-D

christelle said...
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christelle said...

i couldnt enlarge the clip. i was however indeed impressed by how synchronised you guys were! would be great if i get a larger view, and learn a few moves hehe. bravo bravo !

anfield devotee said...

Oi, where are the photos ye took of Master Seth?

Pls burn us a copy. TQ

Grazia Amethyst Lim said...

Hi Rubs!
Glad that u had a great time towards the end of 2009!

How are things? and peeps?

In case u didn't get my note, I've change my blog to www.grazialim.blogspot.com

Do visit me once a while k? =)

All the best! (and I love your pinkish Salsa outfit, hehe!)