Thursday, 27 September 2007

The audacity of some people

Some people are loud, some people are rude and some people are stupid. I can tolerate those. I think most of you know, that I'm a very patient person. I dont get angry so easily and in general i keep things within. Hence why i'm normally at the losing end.

Even when i get mad at a person, I normally dont show it. I'll just get pissed at end up getting depressed alone. For many years I was angry with this 1 person for mistakes that was mine. My animosity towards that person led to a very depressing time (which I have myself to blame). It was only recently that I came out from that shell and found peace with that person. Everything's been pretty good since then.

However, the audacity of that person to use a facility of a time-sharing membership that i had paid for in full nearly a decade ago; a membership that is in my name; etc, etc.. without consent is totally unacceptable. The fact that, that person felt she had the right to make a reservation using my name and membership number is downright selfish and thoughtless.

I really do not mind her using it as I find my entitlement often unused. However, to only find out upon receiving a receipt for use of MY entitlement that I DID NOT ENJOY was not acceptable.

I confronted her casually and this was what transpired.

Me : Hey, did u use my membership recently?
Her : Yes.
Me : How did u use it?
Her : I applied under 'OUR' membership online.
Me : Next time, just inform me first. I'll gladly apply it for you.
Her : Why shd i, its also in my name.


she did offer to pay for it... which really isnt the issue. i think her actions was downright selfish and she still hold firm that she did nothing wrong.

now that i wanna use MY ENTITLEMENT, there is insufficient days left for my quota this year. Sigh... the audacity of some people!


cirnelle said...

Or maybe its just the fault of the time sharing facilitator to not have checked whether the details jived before letting someone else use your credits.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jia lat..hahaha..shall we have a twin account also..?